US 101 Midterm Exam

This document of US 101 Midterm Exam includes answers to the next questions:

1) Online learning includes
2) Online learning includes
3) For academic written communication you should
4) Academic written communication is primarily used for what audience?
5) Which of the following is not considered academic written communication?
6) To build a clearer sense of purpose in college, you should do all of the following except
7) When compared to nongraduates, college graduates are more likely to
8) Which one of the following is not an outcome of college?
9) Cocurricular experiences are
10) The process of making a career choice begins with
11) Which of the following is not considered a content skill?
12) The major and career a student ultimately selects has to align with
13) To help you pursue your career with passion and an understanding of what motivates you, you need to know
14) Long-term goals
15) Reconciling conflicting goals is an exercise in maturity and
16) SMART goals are
17) Which type of goal provides the most personal growth?
18) In order to be internally motivated, your goals should conform to
19) Which type of goal provides the most motivation?
20) All of the following are ways to sustain motivation throughout college except:
21) To stay motivated when times are tough, you can count on
22) The quality of the relationships students develop in college can have __________ on their concentration, self-confidence, and academic success.
23) The people in the outer circle are important to the success of your degree completion and include
24) The purpose of previewing is
25) Developing a visual guide to a chapter is known as
26) The first thing you should read when previewing a reading assignment is
27) Primary sources are
28) Many primary sources were orignally written for
29) Which of the following is not one of the suggestions for improving your reading ability?
30) Idioms are
31) The most important goals in choosing a reading environment are to:

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