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Week 8 Discussion 1

"Using PowerPoint" Please respond to the following:

·        Speculate on the basic ways in which learning may occur in a classroom environment that does not use computer technology. Suggest two (2) approaches for including technology that you could use to transform the classroom environment, and predict two (2) corresponding expected benefits of such inclusion for the students in question.

·        From the first e-Activity, critique the PowerPoint presentation using the Tufte Critique criteria in Chapter 9 of the text to identify areas for student engagement. Analyze the design strategies used by the author, and propose three (3) alternative or additional strategies that you would use in order to make the presentation more interactive, varied, and memorable for a K-12 or adult audience.

Week 8 Discussion 2

"Using Media in the Classroom" Please respond to the following:

·        Reflect on a past experience where you used or observed the use of media in a classroom. Describe your experience and the manner in which the instructor or facilitator used the media to enhance the student’s learning experience. Suggest an additional approach you could use to incorporate additional forms of media from Chapter 9 into the experience you described. Provide specific details and expected benefits for the audience.

·        From the second e-Activity, determine one (1) specific approach you can take to incorporate the video into the classroom or training. Propose three (3) questions for potential students to respond to, based on the selected video. Determine the fundamental ways in which the questions that you propose support the intended outcome of the activity.

Week 8 Case Study


Week 8 eActivity

·        Go to the Pete’s Power Point Station Website, located at http://www.pppst.com. Select one (1) of the PowerPoint topics and review the presentation. Be prepared to discuss.

·        Go to the Annenberg Learner Video Resource Website, located at http://www.learner.org/resources/browse.html. Examine a video of your choice from varied disciplines and grade levels. Be prepared to discuss.

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