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week 2 bus quest

All responses must be 2 paragraphs or 200 words

  • What is an EFE matrix?
  • Identify one of the 5 broad categories of external forces, explain what it is and provide an example.  Remember to cite your references.
  • What effect do you think culture has on the development of a strategic plan?
  • What are some of the limitations of a SWOTT analysis?
  • What portion of the SWOTT analysis do you think is the most difficult to perform?
  • Name two industries that have benefited from the growing awareness about health and fitness. Also name two that have been adversely affected by this trend (The following bullets are part of this question)
    • Sociocultural forces influence the values, beliefs, and lifestyles of a society:
      • Postponement of marriage & family formation, having children
      • Greater concern for the environment
      • Greater concern for healthy diets & physical fitness (increasing levels of obesity)
      • Increase in temporary workers
      • Dual-income families
      • More women in the workforce
  • Explain why it is appropriate for ratings in an EFE Matrix to be 1, 2, 3, or 4 for any opportunity or threat. 
  • Changing a problem culture is never a short-term exercise. A sustained and persistent effort to reinforce the culture at every opportunity through word and deed is required.  It takes time for a new culture to emerge and prevail; it takes even longer for it to become deeply embedded.  Fixing a problem culture and instilling a new set of attitudes and behaviors can take two to five years. How can a leadership team change the culture of an organization?

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