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Week 2 Lecture: Beginnings of English America, 1607-1660 In the sixteenth century, England was a second-rate power in England weakened by internal...

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Early colonial America was the result of people seeking opportunities of various sorts. What enfolded shaped the established power structure that we see today.  

Prompt: Opportunity is a major theme in the development of colonial America. Why do you think that "opportunity" has been so important in the history of America?

In your answer, you should consider and properly cite the readings, audio, and video for this week's Unit. Your discussion will be evaluated using the course discussion rubric.

Your initial posting should be done by 11:55pm on Wednesday night, and you should respond to at least two of your classmates' postings by 11:55pm on Sunday night.

The posting has a clear purpose: to inform, persuade, or raise an interesting question. It may also provoke conversation or offer an opposing view of the devil's advocate. When appropriate, the posting refers to outside sources in supporting its arguments. The post meets the word requirement of 150 to 350 words and there are no are no proofing or spelling errors.

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