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week 4 bus

All questions must be 200 words or 2 paragraphs. All bullets are individual questions. There are 6 in total

  • What is the importance of effective communication within an organization?
  • Class, List one technique or activity widely used to alter an organization's culture.  Cite your references.
  • An organization's values are generally set at the top of the organization by the leaders.  It is more likely that if an employee does not like the values of the organization, they will leave the organization and join one where there is a better fit. At Honeywell, our values are constantly communicated and employees are held accountable to behave in a way that aligns.  We have a Business Code of Conduct that clearly outlines what is acceptable and not. For example, it is clear that employees are not allowed to accept gifts from customers, bribe foreign officials to gain advantage, and that employees are expected to respect each other and behave professionally.  There are many other items outlined in our Code.  

    Class - What company can you think of which likely had a Code of Conduct but employees did not adhere to it, causing problems for the company?

  • What is the relationship between personal ethics and business ethics?
  • Class, If you owned a small business, would you develop a code of business conduct?  If yes, what variables would you include?  If no, how would you ensure that your employees were following ethical business standards?  Please cite your sources.
  • Who are some of the parties that will receive the communications of changes to a strategic plan
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