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week 5 writing assignment

 Chapter 21: Managing Difficult Employees

Chapter 22: Complaints, Grievances, and Appeals

 Chapter 24: Privacy and Confidentiality, Employees and Clients

Anatomy of Care II    Front Desk Clerk and Environmental Services 

Read the Character Overview: for Front Desk Clerk and Environmental Services

PowerPoint on Sexual Harassment :sexual hassassment nrcs142p2_006866-1.ppt

Read:  https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/sexual_harassment.cfLinks to an external site. and then go to: Policy & Guidance Read Enforcement Guidance on Harris v. Forklift Sys., Inc. No. 92-1168 slip op. (Nov. 9, 1993)


From the doctors to the desk clerks, to the nurses, to the environmental workers, everyone needs to understand the impact of their actions on patients and the perception of care for patients and family members. In the Anatomy of Care, you become five different hospital team members working at Metro Hospital. 

As the character progresses through the scenario WRITE DOWN THE QUESTIONS, the video pauses, and the student is asked how he/she thinks the character should proceed, WRITE DOWN YUOR ANSWER FOLLOWED BY SUPPORTING REFERENCES. The video continues with different outcomes determined by the student choices. Topics covered include communication, leadership, quality assurance, patient safety, and providing a patient-centered environment.

Students will answer each question followed by citations from any of the resources from the reading lists from modules 1-5 to substantiate answers. (Do not to use Anatomy of Care as a citation) 

Assignment 1: 

Complete question asked from Anatomy of Care on the Front Desk Clerk and Environmental Services 

Assignment 2: 

After you have answered the questions from the perspective of the Front Desk Clerk, and Environmental Services answer the following questions as if you were the Vice President in charge of Administration, responsible for the floors and staff viewed in this vinaigrette:  Use citations from the reading lists from modules 1-5 and use APA format.

  1. What went wrong?
  2. From an administrative perspective, what should be done (specifically, what programs, interventions, training, policies, procedures, etc.)?
  3. What would you do to determine the success of the interventions?
  4. Add reference list. 

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