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Taking a Stance Whether it is in the form of an outline, a flow chart, or an artistic representation, a diagnostic map of the concept and elements of your Capstone Project helps you visualize or organize the literature you discover on your topic. This week, you will be asked to select two academic articles from one discipline.To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Fill out the Blank Lit Review Topic Worksheet.
  • Review Walden Library search strategies videos in Week 2 Learning Resources.
  • Investigate disciplinary literature using discipline specific databases in the Walden Library.
  • Locate books in your local library, material printed in professional magazines, and articles in peer reviewed journals to support your justification of the relationship between your identified disciplinary perspectives and your topic.

The assignment:

Post in Doc Sharing by Day 3 the literature review matrix with your two articles reviewed in the matrix.  

Post by Day 3 1–2 paragraphs describing what you learned about your topic from the two articles that you summarized.  Do they support, complement, or challenge your focus question?   Be sure to cite the articles in APA style.

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