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WEST COAST TRANSIT CASE (1500-2500 words) original paper please!!!

Just read the case study and answer the wuestions in APA

Orchestrating a team or group of individuals that you wish to be a team can be very challenging yet extremely rewarding. During this process you must first find those that are willing to become members of the team, and those that are very fine workers and the best in the area in their craft.

Effective Teams

            Define the three criteria from evaluating an effective team and cite your academic source. Analyze the WCT Case Study and determine if the team was effective or not. Be sure to provide detailed examples and insight to support your conclusion.

Five Stages of Group Formation

            Define the five stages of group formation and cite your academic source. Evaluate the WCT Case Study and determine which stage the assembled group is, and be sure to provide detailed examples and insight to support your findings.

Behavioral Roles

            Define the three behavioral roles with citations from your academic research. Analyze the WCT case study and identify how each role is evident. Be sure to include detailed examples and insight.

Effective Communication

            Define communication with citations from your academic research. Include examples from the case study and define any barriers to effective communication that may be present. Be detailed in your examples and conclusions.

Conflict and Conflict Resolution

            Describe and define the two main types of conflict and cite the research. Determine the type of conflict evident in the WTC case study. Define and recommend a direct and indirect conflict management approach that Denson could use to manage the conflict. Be sure to include examples and detailed insight.

Task, Maintenance, and Disruptive Activities

Define task, maintenance, and disruptive activities and cite your academic research. Identify a specific task and maintenance activity that should be encouraged and disruptive behavior that should be discouraged in the WCT case. Provide detailed examples and insight to increase validity.

Motivation Issues

            Identify the most obvious individual motivational problems experienced by each of the three members of the WCT team.  Define a specific motivational theory that Denson could employ to help each team member. Be sure to use a specific content, process, and reinforcement theory. Also, identify each theory, define each theory with citations from your academic research and provide your reasoning. Be detailed in your analysis and examples.


            The conclusion is the last paragraph. It should not introduce any new information; it should simply be a summary of your introduction, with a restatement of your thesis.

**Additional notes: use this template, keep the topic headings in place. I am looking for a minimum of two academic sources (the case study is not an academic source and also does not need to be referenced in your paper). The word count for this paper is between 1,500 – 1,750, however I will allow you to go a little over but no more than 2,000 words. Your Turnitin percentage must be under 20%. Please proof-read and run your paper through spell-check and follow the template and you should do very good on your paper**

Example References

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