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What you have to do Refer to· Project 1 on the OLS and· the sketching guidelinesto help you complete the questions below. Sketching guidelinesThis assessment contains a number

What you have to do

Refer to

·           Project 1 on the OLS and

·           the sketching guidelines

to help you complete the questions below.

Sketching guidelines

This assessment contains a number of tasks requiring you to prepare sketches of relevant construction details from the cottage outlined in the documentation for Project 1. The sketches are to be prepared to a standard acceptable to allow communication of a detail as would occur on a construction site. Many details are communicated in this manner and everyone involved with building sites should be skilled in the preparation of sketches.

Sketches are freehand drawings. Line work and proportion are important considerations that must be satisfied in the assessment. Select a scale/size appropriate to the detail.

It is not expected everyone will have these skills at the commencement of this assessment. This first assessment may be presented with a mix of freehand sketches and ruled drawings. All should be completed in pencil on A4 size paper. Refer to the project documentation before commencing the drawings to clearly identify and comply with the documents. This question may require you to carry out research of the topics to broaden your knowledge before attempting the answers.

Submissions which are assessed to be not of an acceptable standard will be returned with a request to resubmit the assessment.

Question 1

The reinforced concrete ‘slab on ground’ flooring system for the 2 storey dwelling detailed in the plans is to be constructed utilising expanded polystyrene void formers. The site will be excavated to provide a level ‘bench’ incorporating cut and fill. Piers will be required to support the slab on an even foundation.

a)         Prepare a sketch of the plan view of the slab indicating the possible location of the piers. You can assume the piers are 300mm in diameter. (Hint:  position piers at all corners/beams intersections, then place between these at maximum 1800 centres)

b)         Provide a section in parts (‘break’ the sketch to show relevant parts of the slab) through the slab from front to back and through the garage, detailing the use of the void formers and the reinforcement. Indicate the foundation and any change in floor level.

c)         Prepare a typical section through the edge beam of the slab. Clearly show the external wall detail to 300mm above the slab.

All the sketches are to be fully labelled and notated. Relevant dimensions should be provided. In general, an A4 page will be appropriate for each sketch. Provide a border and a title to each of your drawings.

Question 2

Prepare a sketch of the joint between the external wall frames and the first floor joists. Fully label the sketch and provide dimensions and member sizes. Clearly show the fitout of the building on this sketch including:

·           Ceiling and wall linings

·           Full external wall detail

·           Flooring

·           Skirting boards etc

Question 3

Prepare a sketch detailing the head flashing over a window in the external wall. Clearly label all components and provide sizes of elements where appropriate.

Question 4

Sketch a full detail of the waterproofing to the shower in the ensuite. A full detail will show all parts of the waterproofing, including wall, floor, floor waste and hob.  Include two options for the construction of the shower base:

1.         Detail a hob constructed with a brick on edge clearly locating the position of the shower screen on the hob.

2.         No hob with the floor level continuous from the bathroom into the shower.

Also provide a sketch detailing the waterproofing at the doorway to prevent moisture escaping to adjoining rooms.

Alternative details for the construction of the cottage

Question 5

The foundation on the site of Project 1, following a geotechnical report, is found to be moderately reactive clay.

The clay extends from below the topsoil on the site to a depth of approximately 750mm. By providing a sketch, propose an alternative footing system for the construction of the cottage. Fully detail the footing specifying concrete and reinforcement. Provide all relevant dimensions.

Should the clay, after excavation commences, prove to be at a greater depth, say an average of 1500mm below the cleared site, propose another footing system and fully sketch the detail.

Question 6

Provide a full detail of two floor systems necessary for the following footing systems:

Floor system 1 – a platform floor incorporating bearers and joists with particle board flooring and including a suitable insulation system.

Floor system 2 – a concrete floor system to replicate the qualities of the slab on ground and suitable for the new footing systems. Australian Standard 2870 – Residential Slabs and Footings may be useful if you need to research this detail.

Question 7

Sketch a section through the roof of the cottage with conventional timber framing in lieu of prefabricated trusses. Fully notate the sketch with details and dimensions of the materials proposed. (You need not design member sizes, but you should provide ‘indicative’ sizes for each of the roof framing members.) Your detail will need to include a number of sketches with a plan view (showing the roofing member layout) and one section as a minimum.


I have:

·           answered all questions

·           clearly identified my answers.

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