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Which of the following is NOT an action of histamine?

Which of the following is NOT an action of histamine?

a) increased vessel permeability

b) vasodilation

c) bronchial constriction

d) increased erythrocyte production

e) rounding of endothelial cells edges

Which of the following is NOT true about neutrophils?

a) first cells to migrate to an area about neutrophils

b) most abundant white blood cell in your circulation

c) live approximately 120 days after being released into your blood

d) mature neutrophil is called a PMN

e) formed in red bone marrow

Four of the following will tend to cause increase in myocardial ischemia?

a) decreased coronary artery perfusion

b) increase in atherosclerotic plaque size

c) decrease in myocardial workload

d) hypertension

e) increased heart rate

Insulin binding to its receptor on target cells results in?

a) increased transport of glucose into the cell

b) gluconeogenesis

c) glycogenolysis

d) increased transport of ATP into the cell

e) conversion of amino acids into glucose

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