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Which statement best illustrates attitudes toward international marketing research? A. Cultural differences greatly influence the marketing mixes of companies operating in different parts of th

Which statement best illustrates attitudes toward international marketing research? 

   A. Cultural differences greatly influence the marketing mixes of companies operating in different parts of the world.

   B. Because the world is rapidly becoming a global economy, there will be less need for marketing research. 

   C. Marketing research is of little help when determining taste preferences in foreign markets.

   D. Fast-food restaurants use the same marketing mixes in all countries in which they operate.

  Which one of the following phrases best describes the primary function of marketing research? 

   A. Gathering intelligence on competitors 

   B. Monitoring market trends and developments

   C. Gathering information needed to help managers make better decisions

   D. Conducting surveys and analyzing results

 There are several possible reasons the Kinshasa Abroad restaurant isn't doing well. To determine the reasons, what type of research should be done first? 

   A. Exploratory

   B. Descriptive 

   C. Primary

   D. Causal

 _______ marketing research focuses on the short- or long-term decisions that the firm must make with respect to the elements of the marketing mix. 

   A. Problem-solving

   B. Control

   C. Performance-monitoring

   D. Planning

 _______ marketing research focuses on the short- or long-term decisions that the firm must make with respect to the elements of the marketing mix. 

   A. Problem-solving

   B. Control

   C. Performance-monitoring

   D. Planning


Much of the data that marketing managers need to make routine decisions may already exist inside a company's databases and be accessible through the company's 

   A. decision support system.

   B. corporate intranet.

   C. accounting spreadsheets. 

   D. social media network.

A large marketing research firm has a focus on the energy industry. It collects information about the industry and publishes quarterly reports which are distributed to clients of the firm. It is said that this research firm is engaging in what kind of marketing research? 

   A. Focused

   B. Syndicated

   C. Commissioned

   D. Private

If research subjects are hesitant to discuss deep feelings or sensitive topics, researchers may use 

   A. case analysis.

   B. depth interviews. 

   C. projective methods.

   D. focus groups.

A famous case in the 1980s involved Coca-Cola introducing New Coke after much research. What was the failure of New Coke largely due to? 

   A. A narrow conception of the research

   B. Late and occasionally erroneous findings 

   C. The uneven caliber of researchers

   D. Poor problem definition

When researchers specify that one variable affects another in a certain way, they're stating the 

   A. hypothesis.

   B. causal relationship. 

   C. decision problem.

   D. concept clarification

 Acme Corporation has identified several new market opportunities, but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most promising opportunities? 

   A. Forecasting

   B. Performance monitoring

   C. Planning

   D. Problem solving

When Visa contemplated a new logo, what was critical to consider as executives approached the research problem? 

   A. Exploratory research would help the company learn which design was best.

   B. Although widely recognized, customers might perceive the current logo as not in step with the times.

   C. It was important to do descriptive research to find out what customers wanted.

   D. Major changes to the logo were needed.

A marketing research director that identifies and leads the direction in which the individual studies and overall programs go is said to be 

   A. proactive.

   B. responsible.

   C. reactive.

   D. influential.

A marketing researcher is meeting with a manager who has identified a problem. During the initial meeting, the researcher asks, "Why do you think this situation has occurred?" How many times is it recommended for the researcher to ask why to dive deeper into possible causes of the problem? 

   A. Three

   B. Five

   C. One

   D. Two

Data mining can be simply described as 

   A. combining data from multiple sources. 

   B. digging for useful information in the pile of internal data collected by most businesses.

   C. linking computers to form a resource network.

   D. using sophisticated statistical analysis.

Sometimes, research calls for a deeper look at the data by looking for differences or relationships across groups, a technique known as 

   A. cross-analysis. 

   B. cross-comparison.

   C. indexing.

   D. cross-tabulation.

One important consideration when monitoring the marketing environment is to acknowledge which factor? 

   A. Managers have direct control over societal trends such as those in the natural and competitive sectors.

   B. The success of marketing initiatives is more dependent on conditions within a company than in the external environment. 

   C. Changes in the economic and technological environments have little impact on marketing decisions.

   D. Societal trends, including social and political trends, occur in the uncontrollable external environment.

Doing a random count of automobile license plates in a shopping mall parking lot probably indicates that the researcher is using a 

   A. nonprobability sample.

   B. probability sample.

   C. sampling frame.

   D. field force.

Asking why female customers prefer to buy tank tops rather than long-sleeved T-shirts is usually done when discussing 

   A. discovery-oriented decision problems.

   B. research problems.

   C. exploratory research.

   D. strategy-oriented decision problems.

The general purpose of exploratory research is to gain _______ so that problems and opportunities can be more clearly defined. 

   A. definitive data

   B. buy-in and support

   C. facts and figures

   D. insights and ideas

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