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Why are molecules important?

If there were no molecules, there would be no planets, no stars, no life, nothing. Everything would comprise out of atoms, which means complex things like living cells would not be possible.

Matter exists in two different forms.Atoms, and molecules.

Atoms are the most basic building stone in universe. The word atom actually came from "atomos" = greek word for "indestructible" (or rather undivideable, even though nowadays we know atoms are built out of core and capsule, which are built out of even smaller particles = protons, electrons, neutrons) the atoms still remain the basic building stones in the universe .

Every element has their own respective atom. This means that every atom of element has their own respective atributes.

Molecules are atoms of different or their izotopes, bound together into something bigger. However, combining two atoms of different elements with certain attributes may create a new molecule - which, surprisingly, has completedly different attributes .

Molecules can range from being two atoms of one element combined together all the way to being a collection of several elements with atoms that can have even hundreds of different atoms , this means that molecules can produce what atoms never could.

Molecules can create substances that have specific set of attributes. Atoms could never do that, because there is a limited amount of atoms, but there is unlimited amount of molecules. Because molecultes are just atoms combined into bigger structures.

Easy example:A boot = atom . Single boot isnt very useful. It can be used to do few things, yes, but you wouldnt find it very comfortable to walk in just one boot, right?A pair of boots = molecule. Its basically two atoms, but together they actually serve a lot more functions then on their own. Like, being able to walk around comfortably, without hurting your feet.

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