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Why I should receive this scholarship is because I consider myself a hardworking people who study and work over the last years since I transferred to...

Why I should receive this scholarship is because I consider myself a hardworking people who study and work over the last years since I transferred to SDSU. My special case this will be the first time I wrote about my highest challenge in life beside the school and work. It was my family issues first when I was 12 my mom sadly got a disease after been struggle in a relationship with my stepfather with who had 5 children my brothers. I decided to move to San Diego to progress in life and during my journey few years later my stepfather passed away. I had been struggle with these events over the years and used auto recovery myself by doing sports, working, study and thinking positively. After all these issues in life I am still remember my first day taking ESL classes at community college with professor Feyen and now my last semester in Portuguese literature with professor Vasconcelos at SDSU. I never thought I would experience these moments in life. I never be award of a scholarship at SDSU by writing a letter and compete to choose the best one or the right person. I honestly enjoy writing this moment besides win or lose the award because as I said it's the first time I express something very personal.

The scholarship will help me to cover my bills such as food, books and transportation. Since I work part time as a pedi cab and sometimes it's hard to pedaling a bike carrying up to 5 people. At first was fun but after few months it became hard especially when I need to concentrate with my studies. I love skateboarding but my daily routine sometimes are exhausted that I forget to do exercise. The scholarship will help me reduce my financial bills and sleep better to improve for my classes because sleeping for 5 to 6 hours is not healthy. These issues will became less stressful and help to concentrate in my studies and other activities.

My plan after graduate is to looking for a job where I can learn and improve my professional skills. I would like to start with a full time jobs with benefits and opportunities to growth in the future. Also one day became very successful and guide and help other people like me in life how to succeed. I am very grateful to be alive after what happen in my personal life with my parents it takes years to assimilate the past but finally I overcome these challenges. I feel grateful to be part of this program in International Business and all the people who has contributed in my life. My aunt always told me that I need to write my situation about my past issues but most people like to read and listen only the best and successful people with high standards and models to follow. I feel very dramatic at this point but another plan after graduate is to learn from a mentor to achieve a maximum contribution to the society and the world. This is because if I prepared myself better I have more knowledge to share with other people and help more new dreamers as me in the world.


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