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Write 16 page essay on the topic Mental Health Problems During Pregnancy.Pregnancy was once considered as a disease in ancient times because during the stage, a complete revolution happens in the woma

Write 16 page essay on the topic Mental Health Problems During Pregnancy.

Pregnancy was once considered as a disease in ancient times because during the stage, a complete revolution happens in the woman's body. When a woman is pregnant, taking extra care has never been more important. Advices from everyone - doctor, family members, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers - about what should and shouldn't be doing will be very imminent. But staying healthy during pregnancy depends on the women themselves, so it's crucial to arm themselves with information about the many ways to keep themselves and their baby as healthy as possible.

However, there are cases when pregnant women become torn with issues concerning several areas of their lives. Sometimes some women are not equipped with the basic needs such as financial that would support basic nutrition, clothing, proper condition of environment. they also need support from their loved-ones, co-workers, especially the concern that there are some task no longer fit for pregnant women.

Ideally, pregnant women should avail of prenatal care, proper nutrition, and right sleep. However, it is important to note as well that the health sector of a state provide the necessary programs that pregnant women needs during the course of their pregnancy.

During pregnancy, from the first week to the fortieth, it's important to take care of themselves in order to take care of the baby as well. Even though they have to take some precautions and be ever-aware of how and what they do - and don't do - may affect the baby, many women say they've never felt healthier than when they carried their children.

Problems may arise during pregnancy. one of the common problems faced by pregnant women is mental problems. Any mental problem may occur during pregnancy. These problems include depression, manic-depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia. However, pregnancy does not seem to cause these disorders. The major mental problems usually start between the teenaged years and the 30s. This just happens to be the same time in which women often get pregnant.

For six to eight weeks after a baby is born, mood disorders like major depression and manic-depressive disorder might start or get worse. Postpartum depression (also called "the baby blues") also occurs some time after delivery.

But then some of these problems may be treated with proper advice from the health care provider because some medicines can be used in pregnant women the same way they are used in women who are not pregnant. Also some medicines should not be used at all during pregnancy. Some medicines can be used during pregnancy if the doctor keeps a careful watch on the mother.

The use of these medicines depends on the situation and needs of the pregnant women. The health care provider and the pregnant women will have to balance the risks of these medicines with the severity of your mental problem. Some women have a severe mental problem that could be dangerous or even life-threatening if they stop taking their medicine. Other women have problems that could be managed with psychotherapy and close attention from the doctor, but without medicine.

No decision is entirely free of risks. The health care provider (possibly with the help of a mental health professional) will help the pregnant woman make a treatment plan to manage their mental problem during pregnancy.

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