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Write 3 page essay on the topic Gone With The Wind.Authority/Credentials of the Author The author of the article, Neil Netanel is a professor at the UCLA School of Law where he has been since fall 200

Write 3 page essay on the topic Gone With The Wind.

Authority/Credentials of the Author The author of the article, Neil Netanel is a professor at the UCLA School of Law where he has been since fall 2004. Prior to that, the author was a member of fuculty at University of Texas Austine School of Law for a decade. Here, the author was the White, Durkee and Arnold Centennial Law Professor. The author practiced law between 1981 and 1984 at Loeb and Loeb located in Los Angeles, as well as in Tel-Aviv at Ygal Arnon & Co. between 1985 and 1992. Concerning educational background, Netanel holds B.A. from Yale university received in 1976, J.D. received in 1980 from UC Berkely Boalt Hall School of Law and J.S.D. received in 1998 from Stanford University. Hence, Netanel is well educated making information that he provides reliable. With regard to experience, Netanel has authored and co-authored several texts used in learning institutions among other institutions today. He is mostly an expert in teaching and writing about free speech, copyright, telecommunications law and policy, and international intellectual property. Some of the most recent books authorted by Neil include 2008 Copyright’ Paradox, The Development Agenda: Global Intellectual Property and Developing Countries (2008), From Maimonides to Microsoft. The Jewish Law of Copyright Since the Birth of Print (2011)&nbsp.both published by Oxford University Press. From the evaluation of author experience, credentials and educational background, it is clear that he is well vast in this area of law and other isues sorrounding legality of copyright and free speech. Therefore, article is written by an experienced author, thus, the credibility of the information is trustworthy. Validity of Research The information provided in this research is of high quality because it achieves almost all the parameters that determine the validity and credibility of a research article. For instance, the article refers to several other sources of information, which are all referenced throught the article. Furthermore, since it is dicussing fair use, which is related to court issues, it also refers to several past court cases. These cases, especially landmark cases, provide adequate evidence for the argument that the aauthor puts across in this article. The references used and cited inside the text are also listed at the bottom of every page in the form of footnotes, which enhances the quality and validity of the information provided in the article. Evaluation of the evidence presented by the author in this article clearly indiactes that it supports the author’s claim about fair use. Moreso, the author refers to variuos sudies and research to draw his conclusion about this issue. The major conclusion from this research is that the courts have embraced tranformative use doctrine more that they did ten or twenty years ago, and this contributes to high win rates of defendants with regard to fair use. In addition, the author uses objective research to support his claim as opposed to personal opinion or narrative. This is because he draws information from several books, and in addition, uses emphirical data to as evidence to support his cl

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