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Write 3 page essay on the topic Managemnt of Whole Foods: Conscious Capital.This essay discusses that everybody must eat to stay alive. It is more imperative than any other thing. For example, to ensu

Write 3 page essay on the topic Managemnt of Whole Foods: Conscious Capital.

This essay discusses that everybody must eat to stay alive. It is more imperative than any other thing. For example, to ensure genetic survival the sex urge only needs a few times satisfaction in lifetime. On the other hand, hunger urge must be satisfied every day. More so, food is a profoundly a social urge that is mostly shared i.e. eating together during meals. It marks the event when the whole family, village gather to share, to express altruism. Thus, it is the only way showing love and security. Whole food market began in Austin, Texas in 1980. John Mackey founded the first store. It dealt mainly on organic and natural foods and products in the world. The retailer shop expanded in 1984. Today, it is the leading retail market dealing with organic and natural food with over 40,000 employees and almost 200 branches in North America and in the United Kingdom. Whole foods dedication and commitment to quality standards natural and organic food have set bar for the rest of the industry. It has created demand for healthy, sustainably derived products at a large scale. The company also supports socially responsible corporate performance for itself and its vendors through strict control over the quality of its brand. Therefore, its quality standards are higher than those regulated by existing bodies. More so, the company offers a rewarding work environment by offering its team members a competitive wages, paid trainings, and transparency. It also pays its employees a 100% benefits package. The company also periodically holds community giving days where it donates 5% of the net sales to charities. It also donates food-to-food banks promoting environmental sustainability using the local facilities. The support of Whole foods such as development of large-scale organic farms and the community as well as the international level relations has made it fit in the broader Social Ideology. According to various researches, thoroughness of the company’s’ auditing process and the Company’s willingness to participate in Market by supporting more sustainable and humane practices have definitely inspired confidence in its brand. Unlike other competitors, Whole foods provide direct benefits where society wealth would apply (Conway, 2007). Assessment of conscious capitalism The model elaborates on the importance of conscious business. The model depicts that businesses that practice conscious capitalism have larger profit margins, are more sustainable, and have more joy and beneficial energy more than their competitors have. It also explains the meaning of the term conscious in business field, which refers to the concept of creating awareness through choice. In business, the concept is evaluated via Consciousness Quotient. When it comes to leadership, conscious leadership derives its strengths from context rather than content. It enhances the leader to have the capacity to stand tall by stepping out of one self and by observing one self in context. It gives sovereignty to the leader to choose what they want to do next. It simply helps the leader apprehend the habits and unconscious patterns, which do cast shadows over the business performance or those, which may impede success. Qualities of the leader brought out by the model includes the ability to

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