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Write 6 page essay on the topic Revolution failure.The deep analysis of the situation revealed a dark fact that the claims of societal equality and justice are superficial in nature and therefore, hum

Write 6 page essay on the topic Revolution failure.

The deep analysis of the situation revealed a dark fact that the claims of societal equality and justice are superficial in nature and therefore, humans are still far away from becoming a unified race (Fuente, 2000). The slogan of equality and social justice was raised in order to help the Multinationals in the process of gaining entrance in the developing areas of the world. The rich environment of the developing nations attracted the eyes of the industrialists and they planned a fiscal invasion of the countries. The business professionals entered and promised to raise living standards of the societies. In response, the local governments reacted favorably and allowed the companies to start their activities. The companies used indigenous natural and manmade resources and destroyed the local industries with the help of using dumping. At the end of each year, the management repatriated a major chunk of profit into the home economy and because of this reason, it can be established that developed nations in the name of equality created more of it in an economic sense. The case of Cuba is no different in this regard, as American organizations entered into the Cuban economy few decades ago and pledged that they will work for the holistic development of the local system but what they did in reality was the destruction of local infrastructure and as a result, Cuba’s identity as a nation deteriorated. The social scientists are of the view that Cuba is just another name for national subsidiary of America (The Royal Institute of International Affairs, 2011). The American jails operating in the territory of Cuba is presented as the most significant proof of the abovementioned argument. The social equality and justice are profoundly considered as the byproducts of economic development. The economic development leads to increasing investment in education because economy’s need for skilled labor increases and therefore, governments are compelled to increase deployment of financial resources in the industry of human capital development. The rise in educational activities then stimulates educated and civilized behavior in the community. The fiscal development and growth of the troubled economy was hindered purposely by adjacent superpower. Every country in the world is known to operate with a secret and hidden agenda of increasing its influence on near geographical areas. In the past, the goal of increasing influence on other countries was accomplished by military incursions and conflicts. The development of nuclear and chemical weapons dulled the productivity of armed conflicts and nowadays the great nations of the globe find cultural, economic and societal invasion more attractive and suitable to their needs. This option is much less bloody whereas, its effectiveness is remarkable to say the least. The people of developing nations are being enslaved in masses every year and they are not aware of the fact. The Americanization is notably growing in all parts of the world. The Cuban culture has almost submerged and the newcomer would fail to differentiate Cuba from America (Buscaglia-Salgado, 2002). The Indian society on the other hand, is exhibiting early signs of Americanization. Unfortunately, all of the developing nations are implementing negatives of American culture in the local setting. The American

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