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Write 3 page essay on the topic The Stone Age.Download file to see previous pages... During this time, people made their tools and weapons mainly with the help of stones when metal working had not tak

Write 3 page essay on the topic The Stone Age.

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During this time, people made their tools and weapons mainly with the help of stones when metal working had not taken place yet. Geographically primeval culture has spread to all continents except Antarctica. The Stone Age is divided into three eras, which differ from each other with own peculiarities and conditions. The Stone Age brought humans to a totally new stage of their development. When climate drastically changed and glaciers melted, nomadic people reached the territory between Israel and Iraq, which hills were full of verdurous trees and wild animals. The Middle East became very attractive to humans who found favorable conditions for living here. Ancient people discovered that grain could give a lot of harvest, so eventually they found a way to gather crop with the help of appropriate stone tools. According to the archaeobotanist, George Willcox (2003), it had been noticed that during three-week period of time one person could gather enough grains for being able to feed four people for the entire year (Stories from the Stone Age). In additional, ancient people realized the efficiency of grain that could be stored for a long period of time without decay in case it was kept in a dry place. Consequently, discovering a very profitable place full of potential food, people at last found a reason to stop their nomadic life and settle down. Moreover, their decision to stay on chosen territory was also influenced with the fact that all tools made of stones and intended for gathering harvest were quite heavy, therefore people’s inability and lack of desire to carry their burdens eventually managed to change their lives irrevocably. Settling down in the Middle East made ancient people to face several challenges, one of which was finding ways to produce food out of plants. Also humans managed to develop and widen variety of tools for hunting realizing how precarious this activity was. Hence, people started to use stones connected by cords for catching wild animals and double-bladed sickles for cutting grass. In addition, people discovered usage of grains and began to produce so-called ancestor of bread. Gathering harvest and sharing tools helped people to unite their strength in a way when priority moved from individual prosperity to community’s wellbeing. People of that era had a special ritual for burial. They put dead person into the hole, placed a big stone on a chest and laid some personal possessions and various offerings. As archeologists found out, with the lapse of time this funeral rite faced some changes, like later n people started to took the scalp of the dead person out of a hole and bring it back into the world. Stones which had been found on the mentioned territories contained some scratches, which nowadays archeologists interpret as a first attempt to represent numbers. This fact has a great importance in a formation of ancient culture. Despite the fact that ancient people at last found an ideal place to stay on, they again were forced to return to their former nomadic lifestyle later on. Hence, the climate change brought draught which in its turn caused a dreadful shortage of food. So this was another challenge which ancient people were forced to overcome. All population split for small groups and began searching for food.

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