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Write 4 page essay on the topic A Practical Guide to Teaching, Training and Learning.Download file to see previous pages... Short-term memory is also one of the reasons. Some of them were unable to re

Write 4 page essay on the topic A Practical Guide to Teaching, Training and Learning.

Download file to see previous pages...

Short-term memory is also one of the reasons. Some of them were unable to remember previous days lessons or unable to grasp features of learned lessons quickly.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons teachers should be responsible towards the students. They should employ different teaching methods so that students could easily grasp the subject. Student oriented and student concentric activities should be encouraged.

Assessing student's abilities and disabilities is the major factor and teachers should strive to identify these issues. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses one can easily work on these issues. Self-confidence plays an important role in everyone's lives. It is the deciding factor that decides a winner and a loser.

Like in any other department catering department also needs to work on the above-mentioned reasons so that most of the students were benefited. The classes were conducted as per the schedule. Eight students a day attend the classes on different days of a week. Each batch of the students has to attend classes 4 days a week. Classes had been classified into theory and practical. During these 4 days 3 hours of practical lessons and 1 hour of theory lessons would be conducted.

More number of hours was allotted to practical lessons because students could gain hands on experience with the tools and the methods that would be employed during the course process. Theory lessons were also as important as practical lessons. In theory classes discussions would be held, future plans could be discussed and many other things could be employed.

Students attending these classes may suffer from learning disabilities. The onus is on lecturers or on the teaching staff. They should shoulder the responsibility of improving student's abilities and make them believe in themselves.

In catering care should be taken about following the health standards. The students should be taught about the basic heath, safety and hygiene rules. The teaching staffs have to ensure that every student follows the safety standards prescribed by the health department. Negligence regarding health and standards should be treated severely. If violated counselling of students should be conducted. All the safety measures should be up to date and checks has to be done on safety equipment. Since kitchen is not a safe place first aid and emergency telephone numbers should be kept in an easily accessible place.

In theory classes teachers should employ different methods of teaching so that students can grasp easily. There should a constant interaction between student and teacher. This kind of interaction eases the tension in the classroom and student feels at home and shows signs of interest in the subject.

The Q &amp. A session tests the ability of a student. Through Q &amp. A teacher comes to know whether a student has understood the lessons or still facing any problems with the subject. Teaching staff should encourage the students to involve in discussions. This kind of discussions could help in clarifying their doubts and improve the assessment skills.

This formative assessment is very much important before doing any assessment on summation. Methods like quiz and solving puzzle would be helpful in making the students to understand the concepts very easy.

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