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Write 6 page essay on the topic Cause and Effect: Divorce.Download file to see previous pages In most cases, divorces are observed to have negative effect on individual spouses and children. This pape

Write 6 page essay on the topic Cause and Effect: Divorce.

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In most cases, divorces are observed to have negative effect on individual spouses and children. This paper seeks to give an in-depth analysis of divorce cause and effect giving more emphasis on the detrimental and positive outcomes of divorce on families Divorce Upon marriage, the parties involved are endowed with specific roles and duties. Despite the joy experienced by many persons during marriage, there are various challenges that are experienced that result in the separation of the spouses (Cox, 2008). In order to ensure that divorce is conducted in a means fair to all, there are set rules and regulations that have been set to govern it (Rowthorn &amp. Dnes, 2002). There are various types of divorce such as no-fault divorce, at-fault divorce, summary divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, electronic divorce and mediated divorce among others. In the recent past, cases of divorce have been on the increase which has attracted more attention from various stakeholders. To most of the people in this field, divorced has been observed to have negative effect but keen evaluation of the entire process has revealed the presence of some merits. Causes of Divorce A. Financial conflicts It is evident that resources endowed to a person are essential in achievement of his/her goals and objectives. Money provides the family member with access to best medical checkups, schooling, houses, entertainment, clothing, and food among others. The achievement of such facilities and necessities enrich a person’s life and good interaction is evident. In case a dispute over money arises, it may be very destructive leading to divorce. B. Alcohol and substance use There are persons who are usually addicted to various drugs and substances, which may have adverse or lame effect on their health. During courtship, most people are overwhelmed by love for their partners and thus give compromises to their use of some drugs. After marriage, the persons spend more time together. As time goes by, the partner may realize that the drugs used by his partner may affect her health and thus may opt to divorce. C. Sexual Problems Sex is valued very much by married persons due to the fact it is the ultimate way of procreation and the partners are not restricted by the social or religious customs. At first, even if a partner has weakness in sex, he/she may be given time to improve. If the progress does not seem to yield promising results, breakup may be evident. D. Lack of communication Communication is very essential in the achievement of the set goals and objectives. In achievement of success in marriage, sharing of thoughts and personal information is necessary. In its absence, it may kill cooperation in the two parties and may lead to divorce. According to investigations conducted on divorce, lack of proper communication is observed to be the leading cause of divorce (Brentano &amp. Stewart 2007). E. Family Ties Immediately after marriage, newly wed partners may have strong ties to their extended families. In some cases, the ties may be strong enough for a person to neglect some of his responsibilities to his/her partner. This usually leads to arise of conflict and divorce may occur. Advantages of divorce to the Children In some marriages, violence may be the cause of divorce. The violence may be directed to the partner or children. When violence is directed to children, it may instill fear and deny them freedom.

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