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Write 6 page essay on the topic Influence of the Past and Past Information on World Literature.Download file to see previous pages... According to O’Neil (2004), the attributes of their writing vary

Write 6 page essay on the topic Influence of the Past and Past Information on World Literature.

Download file to see previous pages...

According to O’Neil (2004), the attributes of their writing vary according to the authors and the time in which the work was written. An analysis of these authors shows that their work was greatly influenced by the past. how they gain access to information, how they treat the past and their creativity. 2. What is the background of the study? Scholars have studied specific aspects of the world literature. Thomsen (2008) studied the changes that have been experienced in the world literature in the past five decades. Reddy (2008) studied the characteristics and features that can be found in various contemporary world literature. Sturrock (1997), on the other hand undertook a study to understand the aspects of writers who write contemporary world literature. In his study, he tried to analyze what motivates them to write as well as the factors that could influence their writing. Although some of the information in this research is similar to that of other scholars,none of them studied the literal work of the authors we study in this research. Therefore, this research is very crucial to the understanding of the world literature because it would explain why the writings of these authors have certain similar characteristics. 3. How has the research been done? Research presented by this research paper uses both primary and secondary sources of information. According to Hamilton (2004, p.4), “A primary source is an actual record that has survived from the past while secondary sources are created some times after an event”.Primarysources used in this research are the literal works of the three authors. Secondary sources on the other hand are the literal work written by other authors about the authors in our study. In this research, both secondary and primary sources of information are carefully evaluated and critically analyzed to draw a conclusion about the thesis statement. How do these three authors in our study access information about the past? Usingprimary source of information, I found out that the authors reviewed in this research obtain their information about the past in different ways. “Sometimes I would dream trying to put away my book and going to sleep” (Proust, 1928, p. 2). This statement indicates that Marcel Proust was a frequent reader. Therefore, he could have obtained his information about the past through reading. Birago Diop on the other hand obtained his information about the past through his experience. This is revealed by his literal works. Such a conclusion could be made based on his latest book that put into consideration the reactions of the readers on his previous books. The major literal work of Leslie Marmon Silko is her autobiographical mixed genre collection (Silko&amp. Arnold, 2000). Autobiographical literatures mainly explain the past life of an author. This could make us to conclude that this author used her experience as her main source of information included in his work.

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