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Write 6 pages with APA style on Diversity in the Classroom: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Diversity in the Classroom: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The Eligibility component lays down the framework of rules that govern the implementation of the program. It makes all handicapped children eligible for the program, and lays on the state a number of responsibilities, which include, specific time frames for initiating the program in different age groups, and ensuring that the disabled children are given the best education possible in as near a natural environment as possible. The Applications component caters to several aspects of the program. It lays down the uses and applications of finance provided by the program to the states. the nature and type of information that needs to be exchanged between all stakeholders in the program like state educational agencies, schools, parents and guardians of the disabled children, and the general public as a whole. and lays the total responsibility of the education of disabled children in the program on the local education agencies. The Procedures and Safeguards component ensures protection to all involved in the program, with particular emphasis on the disabled children and their parents. The Evaluation component provides for the evaluation of the efficiency of the implementation and impact of the program towards the objectives of giving each and every student in the program a free and appropriate education. The Payments component consists of general and monitoring procedures. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA))

The major feature of The Education For All Handicapped Children Act Amendments of 1986 (PL 99-457) is that it attempts to address the inadequacy of IDEA with regards to very young children, and provides the means for early intervention to provide the best education to a disabled child. It does this by expanding the services of education for handicapped children to infants and young children who have disabilities or are at risk and their families.&nbsp.Part B of the Act mandates all states to extend the provisions of P.L. 94-142: The Education of All Handicapped Act to the very young children, thus making them eligible as the older children.

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