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Write 7 page essay on the topic Realities of Free Trade: Concepts, Practices, and Politics in Consumer Society.The Man Nobody Knows “The Man Nobody Knows” is a book that was written by an American

Write 7 page essay on the topic Realities of Free Trade: Concepts, Practices, and Politics in Consumer Society.

The Man Nobody Knows “The Man Nobody Knows” is a book that was written by an American author named Bruce Fairchild Barton in 1925 (Jay 123). In this book, Bruce has described Jesus as the pioneer of trade and strongly presented Jesus as a determined businessman who committed his time and effort, made numerous business tours across many parts of the world. He successfully formed a business organization with the twelve helpers he had personally selected from the business arena. The aim of the book was to attract attention from the Christian community. Fordism refers to the insight Henry Ford had on new economic and social structures in which there would be enormous creation of uniform industrial commodities between the 1940s and 1960s (Jones, Rhys, and Michael 112). Henry predicted that there would be excess utilization of resources in the market, and this would result in a revolution of the terms of work over time. The G.I. Bill of Rights The G. I. Bill of rights refers to the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 established to provide repayments to the ex-soldiers of the Second World War (Jones, Rhys, and Michael 135). These repayments included subsidized mortgages and loans for purchasing land or starting a business. In addition, the ex-soldiers would be given free training by the state. The bill aimed at promoting the living standards for the soldiers who were actively participated in the Second World War. Brownies in the Philippines Brownies of Philippines refer to a string of hilarious sections of books and comic strips published by Palmer Cox around 1904 (Jones, Rhys, and Michael 173). The publications were about cunning yet sympathetic charmed gnome. One of the books containing these caricatures was named brownies. Also, due to the popularity of those caricatures, Eastman Kodak named one of their cameras Brownie cameras. The Simple Life (Wagner) “The simple life” is the name of one of the Charles Wagner’s publications. Charles was transformed French pastor who wrote numerous religious publications in 1904 (Magnusson 115). His publications helped in transforming religion in those days. He acted as a moral leader and engaged in charitable activities. His philosophies brought him close to other religious men from different backgrounds. The simple life publication won a lot of favor from spiritual and moral leaders like President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States among others. Prohibition refers to the Act of law which illegalized manufacturing, use or trade of alcoholic substances in the 1920s (Jay 98). This term refers to the historical moments when that rule was enforced to stop production, shipping or trade of alcoholic drinks. The act applied to nations of European background and the rest of the world. However, some parts of the United States did not apply this rule hence they established powerful businesses dealing with alcohol. The nations started manufacturing and selling alcohol as the rules diminished gradually by 1920s and 30s. Billy Sunday Bill Sunday was born in America and lived between 1862 and 1935 (Jones, Rhys, and Michael 189). He participated in athletics and gained a lot of fame in baseball.

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