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Write 7 page essay on the topic Working in Organisation.Download file to see previous pages As a result, Boyle placed Fred with Eric Brown. He was a seasoned foreman and experienced production supervi

Write 7 page essay on the topic Working in Organisation.

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As a result, Boyle placed Fred with Eric Brown. He was a seasoned foreman and experienced production supervisor who had been with the company since he "left school" at the age of sixteen. Eric and Fred began working together with Eric training him to become a supervisor, and Fred attempting to learn the company and ways in which he could effectively manage its employees.

Moreover, as time progressed, and Eric and Fred worked more together, it became apparent, especially to Boyle, that the two employees did not work well together. In addition, Boyle knew that, if Eric and Fred were not working well together, they were not learning together either, and Fred was not learning to be an effective supervisor.

Eric and Fred perceived each other to be ignorant, incompetent individuals who both lacked the intelligence and skill regarding the company's welfare. They were very disagreeable concerning the supervisory measures, and they did not favor the other's opinion.

Eric was a seasoned employee in his mid-50s and, having been with the company since the age of sixteen, he had earned his current position of foreman, working his way up through the "ends and outs" of the company. Further, since Eric had left school at sixteen, he did not have a formal education. Nevertheless, he has the experience and respect of his employees.

Therefore, Eric resented Fred for being able to be hired into the company with his college degree and little to no experience. Equally important, Fred was directly hired as a management trainee which meant that he would soon be promoted to a supervisory position. He didn't have to work his way up through the company as Eric had done.

As a result, Eric did not believe that the company's generous treatment to Fred was fair and adequate, especially since he had to earn his position over time. Eric seems to be a fair, hard-working employee that is very competent and capable of performing his job to the best of his abilities.

Still, Eric does not appreciate the company's generous treatment to Fred simply because he has a college degree. He does not want to believe that, someday, he could possibly be "booted out" of the company in which he has worked so hard simply because his ideas and work ethics are not up-to-date and not "based on some obscure piece of theory."

On the other hand, Fred, similarly, perceives Eric as an aged, overworked employee who will not be accepting to an employee of the younger generation. He believes that Eric does not trust him to perform well and supervise other employees while on the job.

Since Fred does have a college degree, it is possible that he perceives himself to be better than Eric on some level, particularly regarding knowledge. According to Dan Hupp, president of the Pittsburgh Human Resource Planning Society and owner of his own consulting firm, one of the main issues encountered within the present workforce is the "generational issue," as stated in "Younger bosses older employees vs. younger bosses vs. older employees" by Johnna A. Pro.

Hupp believes that it's important for the younger generation to realize the importance of the older employees.

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