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Write 7 pages with APA style on Big Problems in Chinese Popular Culture: Unemployment in China.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Big Problems in Chinese Popular Culture: Unemployment in China. Moreover, bulk production tactics helped China to provide employment to thousands of Chinese people. Another interesting factor is that the one-child policy implemented by China helped them to control the population growth up to a certain extent. China’s economy is the largest in Asia it may become the largest in the world in the near future itself. Albert Keidel (2008) has pointed out that “China’s economy will surpass that of the United States by 2035 and be twice its size by mid-century” (Keidel).

Amidst all these positives, it is a fact that unemployment problems in China are growing at a steady rate and the government failed to implement any effective measures to counter it. The unemployment rate in China is around 11% at present which is creating serious problems with access to housing, education, and basic social services. This paper analyses questions such as. How college graduates and peasant workers deal with unemployment in China. What advantages and disadvantages do each group holds and How do crime and corruption, along with social stability and mobility play a role in the PRC today, etc.

Even though the unemployment rates are coming down, it should be noted that more than 230 million people in China are still jobless. In other words, statistics are not providing the actual depth of the unemployment problems in China. “What confronts the young generation of today is structural unemployment, mostly resulting from a mismatch between the conditions and nature of jobs and the skills and expectations of the young generation” (Litao & Yanjie, p.i). The expectations of the current youths in China with respect to employment are high. Unlike the old generation, they are not ready to work in hard-working labor sectors such as the construction fields or manufacturing sectors.&nbsp.

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