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Write 8 page essay on the topic Morrisons Supermarket.Download file to see previous pages These are backed up by hundreds of special offers each time (Morrison's, 2006 and Wikipedia, 2006) from discou

Write 8 page essay on the topic Morrisons Supermarket.

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These are backed up by hundreds of special offers each time (Morrison's, 2006 and Wikipedia, 2006) from discounts to "buy one take one" topped by the wide range of goods offered from their own label "Bettabuy" and "Farmer Boy" to branded ones such as the overtaken and now defunct Safeway (BBC News, 2005) upmarket group products called "The Best." Morrison's is generally acknowledged to cater to "the lower end of the mainstream supermarket sector, offering value above choice and premium quality," of which executive chairman Sir Ken Morrison was quoted as saying "I don't know what a middle class shopper is," (Wikipedia, 2006).

Morrison's manages its own commercial operation in-house from buying, packing, to distributing its fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products and fish, with their own temperature controlled warehouses, meat processing and fleet of transport.

The company now employs about 130,000 members of staff in stores, factories, distribution centres, and head office administrative functions. They also enjoy a chunk of about 10 million weekly shoppers with their 360 stores across the nation.

Morrison was founded in 1899 with a stall in Bradford Market selling egg and butter with its founder William Morrison inspired at innovating to lead the way in supermarket retailing. In 1958, the first town centre shop was opened, followed in 1961 by "Victoria" the first supermarket with 5,000 sq/ft of retail space selling fresh meat, green grocery, among other provisions, with a free parking.

By 1967, it went public, with the shares over-subscribed at 174 times. 80,000 investors cashed in. In 1971, the Hilmore House head office was opened and by 1976, new produce Cutler Heights depot became operational after taking over Whelan Stores. By 1980, Morrison opened its "Farmer Boy" factory and in 1988, the Wakefield distribution centre opens. In 1988, Erith Greater London store opened and by 1999, the centennial store at 100th opens at Nelson.In 2001, Morrison Supermarket joined the FTSE 100 and by March 2004, it merged with Safeway (Morrison, 2006).

Marketing and Communications:

Employing the Market Street format that presents skilled butchers, bakers, fishmongers, pizza makers, among other well-versed staff to address its clientele, Morrison have successfully integrated among other marketing strategies a home-based service to its customers. Other stand-out marketing offers include returns for volume orders, and bell ringing announcement of newly baked goodies.

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