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Write a 12 pages paper on critical analysis in the develpment of a project or programme plan within a relevant area of community or youth work provision.

Write a 12 pages paper on critical analysis in the develpment of a project or programme plan within a relevant area of community or youth work provision. Hence, this project will certainly provide teenage population with an opportunity to freely discuss about sexual issues. The project has the scope to increase the knowledge of the participants about sexual health relationship and other topics of life skills (Banks, Butcher, Orton and Robertson, 2013. Hafford-Letchfield, 2009). Furthermore, the project also proposes to shed light on the significance of being aware about availing services pertaining to sexual health. The principal purpose is to target young people from the South Asian communities with complex and complicated needs presently (Hafford-Letchfield, Leonard, Begum and Chick, 2008). These complexities such as, stigma, religion, culture, appearance, behaviour and other factors, are acting as a hindrance in the acceptance of a relation. It is obvious that the project has the ability to meet the requirements of young people and not simply reflect upon the set standard of the society. A total of 15 participants will be targeted and the whole project will run for ten weeks. The program will run for two hours, each week, on specific days. Midlands community Training and employment Midlands Community Training and Employment is a charitable organization founded in the year 2008. The organisation specializes in providing community and personal development skills and means. The principal services of the organisation include skill development of the individuals, personality development, personal development, providing education facilities, confidence building classes, hosting seminars and workshops (Midlandscdc, 2013). The organization principally aims at empowering each and every individual with a particular skill set that might be beneficial and helpful for the individuals sustaining within the society. Hence, the organisation wants to ensure betterment of the society by enabling the individuals to enhance their basic skills. Furthermore, the organization also aims at bringing positive changes within the society for upgrading the standard of living of the individuals. The organization has entered into treaty with several other volunteer organizations so as to offer quality services to the target audiences. The intentions of the organisation are also reflected through their mission statement which states that “we want to make every individual a successful person” and “We are working in cooperation to bring change and development in our community” (Midlandscdc, 2013). The organisation mainly caters to the segments such as, poverty reduction, uplift education standards, offering assistance to deprived and isolated individuals of the society and health care and information sector. Training and development is another key area where the organization puts in strong efforts. In order to pursue their objectives, the organisation initiates and organizes several programs in a year and remains active in the field of Personal & Educational Development, Economic Development, Employment, Health Care and Housing.

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