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Write a 3 page essay on Custer Died for Your Sins.Download file to see previous pages... This notion is not based in reality. The consequential actions of Whites towards the American Indians show its

Write a 3 page essay on Custer Died for Your Sins.

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This notion is not based in reality. The consequential actions of Whites towards the American Indians show its effects on the false discernment in culture and law. Deloria utilizes an energetic dialogue that connects the audience in a brilliant and eloquent presentation, fights for the discharge of old stereotypes and illustrates a point of view that allows the public to grow a deeper comprehension of what it means to be an American Indian. Although this book was published in 1969, its messages lay significant historic basis for understanding the predicament of the Indian community in the United States. This manuscript was written during the era of the unstable civil rights movement. The author makes fascinating evaluations to the Black community’s struggle to attain equal rights within the United States (Deloria 171). His writings condemn the modern-day views toward Indian’s help by Whites and argue that Indians are erroneously seen through the historic lens as a bow and arrow wielding and pipe smoking savage. Deloria compellingly views the conquerors and oppressors of the Indian community mainly under the title of the Christian missionaries and United States Federal Government. The book is well organized as it begins with the contemporary world at the time in order to show how the lives of American Indians were at the time. In the opening chapter of his book, called “Indians Today: The Real and Unreal,” the author summarizes the purposeful trickery on how American Indians were viewed by the white civilization of the 1960s. The most noticeable deceptions that the white community habitually abused was the idea that they believed that, at one point in time, they had an Indian ancestor. This individual was usually an Indian grandmother that came from a royal family. Deloria give an explanation that this bogus ancestry may be owed to an assortment of causes, but is likely an addition to the fact that the white community believed that Indian culture was easy to understand. Within his writings, the author tells of how he once projected the past and revealed that markedly most tribes during these times were completely feminine for the first three centuries of white migration. Deloria explores a grave subject of the underestimation of his community by using ironic humor. This feature of Deloria’s writing is what makes it so matchless and fascinating at the same time. The author has the ability to deal with grave matters and keeps the audience fascinated. In general, the writer made it known that his tribe put up with this stereotyping and a lack of true comprehension since white people are inclined to trust that they already comprehend Native Americans, by labeling them as the lost tribe of Israelites, as well as people of the wild. Anthropologists have spent large sums of money to study Indians living in poverty, and then create ambiguous and conceited theories in their name. These theories are then used to request for money in order to carry out subsequent observations during the next season. Early Christian missionaries rallied to convert native Indians to the accepted Western religion. These native Indians felt the threat of extermination as this was an authoritative motivation to adhere to the ways of the Christian church.

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