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Write a 3 page essay on Marijuana Should Be Illegalized.Marijuana also has many other names such as ganja, pot, weed, and grass among others, as many people refer to it differently. Marijuana is deriv

Write a 3 page essay on Marijuana Should Be Illegalized.

Marijuana also has many other names such as ganja, pot, weed, and grass among others, as many people refer to it differently. Marijuana is derived from the leaves or stems of the plant Cannabis sativa that contains 400 other chemicals some of which are unique to the plant only. The main chemical composition in the drug and one that has the most diverse effects is the chemical delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol or THC. This chemical is rapidly absorbed in the blood stream and enters the brain cells in a matter of minutes. The use of marijuana and the effects vary from user to user depending on the method of intake, but the most common mode of intake by most users who use it is through smoking of the dried leaves, stems or the seeds. It may also be ground and taken with other food substances such as tea or sprinkled with other food additives. The THC once absorbed in the blood has some short term and long-term effects to the user depending on the number of joints smoked. The chemical can stay in the blood streams and brain for time ranging from 10 minutes to 8-10 hours, and affect users differently also as they differ in levels of drug handling capabilities. Small amounts of the plant enhance the user’s perception of the world and heighten the appreciation of music, foods and increases brain functions. Long terms effects reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the blood and increases the levels of carbon monoxide in the brain cells that leads to alteration of the brain functions of the users. This reduced oxygen reduces the thinking ability of the user, causes drowsiness and restlessness. The user may also suffer from hallucinations and the extended sense that he/she owns the world or they are beyond the others. The THC in the blood enters the heart vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen that enters the heart to be pumped to other parts of the body. This in the long run over works the heart as it tries to pump more blood throughout the body to meet the oxygen deficit. The heart increases the heartbeats to pump more blood making heart muscles to weaken, thus, the user may die of heart failure or heart attack as he/she continues to use marijuana in their blood stream. Since the user gets a heightened sense of surroundings, he/she becomes what is termed as ‘high’ and may become a nuisance to the others in the community. Cannabis may also make the user to be irritated by others in society and may turn aggressive as they try to assert their position. Addicted users if denied marijuana become moody, stressed, restless and angry at everything and everyone and may turn violent to others in the society. There is the increased need for society to assist in campaigns against drug abuse and to curb the use of marijuana by other members of society. First, there is the need for community involvement in nationwide campaigns and awareness programmes against the use of these drug. The community can carry out education awareness to mostly the youth and adolescents who are mainly influenced by peer pressure to use drugs. Community organizations can carry out programmes and developmental schemes to keep young adults and children busy when at home during holidays and when unemployed. Community youth recreation centers could be developed in most states across the country where the youth can receive education on drugs, also have fun, and constructively

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