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Write a 4 page essay on Am I A Leader.Download file to see previous pages... I learned of the essential theories to become a leader from the academe and from contemporary experiences. It is one’s pe

Write a 4 page essay on Am I A Leader.

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I learned of the essential theories to become a leader from the academe and from contemporary experiences. It is one’s personal contention that that there are persons born and destined to become leaders. In my case, I realized it is a process encompassing developmental stages in one’s life span. As babies, parents provide assistance in personal care and needs. Through one’s personal development, children get to stand and walk on their own. We learn to exercise our sense of autonomy. There were times when there was the persistent conviction to negate our parents just to do what we want. In this stage of life, leadership of a growing child was clearly exemplified. It is a type of leadership involving the primary care giver and the child. Leadership is thereby recognized as the process of influence in other people to achieve a certain goal. At this stage, the only goal that one has is the gratification of needs, realized through either good or bad behavior. It seems that even as a child, one learned to influence and become a leader in simple ways. The first time we pursued academic endeavors, the start of the leadership process focus on enrichment. Through school plays, group activity, participating in discussions, and joining school organizations, leadership enrichment is reflected. We came to have peers that influence us or we get the chance to influence them. Leadership is clearly expressed and felt when friends and acquaintances ask one’s opinion regarding outfits, assignments, perception, and even fun activities and endeavors. Colleagues begin to value one’s opinions with regards to group perception. I became more competitive in the latter part of academic life. I joined different organizations and performed responsibilities concurrent with higher accountabilities expected of my position. I came to enjoy different social interactions from both genders. One became more focused on achieving higher grades because of the belief that as a profound influence to others. It manifests some form of power and authority. I envisioned to be more responsible, committed, and become a role model. That was the stage of my life that I felt that I truly became a leader. Qualities of a Good Leader But what are the qualities of a good leader? Did I have that power to lead? According to Warren Bennis (1990), managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing. Leaders are persons with character who strives for excellence. Leaders do not command a group to achieve excellence. rather, they are engaged in achieving excellence. One sees what is desired and goes after it. One attracts followers because of the will power, determination, energy, drive, and willpower. Of course, to be a leader, trust is the most essential thing. Trust builds good relationships between the leader and the follower. Since a leader influence a group of people, one must be inspiring and must show the confidence in achieving identified goals and endeavors. A good leader is acknowledged to treat others fairly. should display empathy and sensitivity to other people’s values, beliefs, and emotions. In a leader’s journey to reach identified goals, insurmountable amounts of stress are expected to be overcome. The leader must have enough courage to surpass challenges and be creative in dealing with trying situations.

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