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Write a 4 page essay on American Dance.Download file to see previous pages... American theatrical dance has expanded through a progression of generations numerous build on the work, thus creating a pe

Write a 4 page essay on American Dance.

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American theatrical dance has expanded through a progression of generations numerous build on the work, thus creating a pedigree marked by innovation. This form of dance cannot be neatly defined. It is a form of style of American modern dance evolving through quest of discoveries and shares the communicative potential of human association. In true sense American theatrical dance comprises of Broadway, modern and ballet forms of dancing style. These forms of dance depict the economic and cultural changes happening in the society. From time to time they have enacted on issues of social significance and always conveyed some messages to the audience through their theatrical dance performances. These dancing form pioneered dance in bare foot and elegant costumes. They portray a form of social affirmation and were means of expressing nation’s and society’s power (Brown). The society values theatrical dance as a communicative and bonding experience forming a well-developed structure of communication. This essay will focus on the two forms of American modern dance that is Broadway and Ballet, and how are they different to each other. Broadway Theatrical Dance: Broadway dance forms a part of the modern American theatrical dance. It can be classified as an incorporation of jazz and modern style accompanied with theater and music. At the beginning of the Broadway dance people were tricked and amazed by the concepts of Broadway Theater as this pioneered a dancing form with play’s plot. Initially Broadway was not taken as a serious theatrical dance. People were uncertain about the entire structure of the dance form. But later it evolved as a dance form which had a social message for the society. Soon after, Broadway started gaining popularity amongst the audience as fusion of jazz and modern art dance. This form of theatrical dance was incorporated with exceptional movement and unconventional use of body parts. The entire act was supported by the usage of props, integration of personalities, storytelling of a incident. The entire performance was choreographed and presented through lucid expressions. The entire performances take place with music playing backstage. The music is played as per the theme of the subject matter of the performance. With changing time span Broadway musical took off. It popularity enhanced day by day and gained recognition as an artistic form of theater. Broadway dance form exerted profound influence in the New York life tradition and culture. Their themes were realistic with a touch of whimsical feel. As per the critics it attracted the serious theater goers who were deeply moved by the socio-economical concerns of the society. During its early stage the middle class New Yorkers used to be its target audience. Their theme appealed to them to a great extends. Broadway theatrical evolved as an assembly of multidimensional talents. It consisted of a group of singers, dancers, actors, musicians who emerged as celebrities. Famous Broadway personalities included Anna held, Lillian Russell, Marilyn Miller, DeWolf Hoppe, Ray Bolger etc. These eminent personalities had been a part of this theatrical dance from time to time. Robert Alton had been a choreographer of this dance form who brought out the first modern dances closely related to many dance performances in New York stage today.

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