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Write a 4 page essay on Civic Virtue.Download file to see previous pages... My dear teacher and fellowmen, the 9/11 incident though left our nation in plight, it indeed is the courage of the Americans

Write a 4 page essay on Civic Virtue.

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My dear teacher and fellowmen, the 9/11 incident though left our nation in plight, it indeed is the courage of the Americans that has seen the culprit of that incident die in tremor. Friends, there are several such incidents demonstrating the courage of the American people today, and their understanding and adhering to it. Americans have set an example to the entire mankind just not with our bravery but also with our impeccable hospitality. We have taught the world the concept of respect and this characteristic in fact has been an element of admiration to the entire world. The Americans today are not considered as aliens by people of any other nation for, the respect shown and the hospitality offered by the Americans is absolutely overwhelming and makes them feel home. Today, our hospitality, respect and compassion have turned the world’s attention towards our nation. Though there are several incidents demonstrating our hospitality, in an unforgettable incident that took place, a French soldier had been so impressed with our hospitality, here is what he had to say about it “Having returned to France, I hasten to thank you very much for the welcome you gave us while sojourning in your beautiful United states. Never, never shall I forget your fraternal love” (LETTER FROM BLUE DEVIL). ...

egular curriculum but about “LIFE” by inducing in us, the importance of many civic virtues we come across in our daily life and how effective they can be when followed. Dear friends, the efforts of our teachers have not gone in vain, for we have adopted these civic virtues seriously, thoroughly and completely. Talking about incidents that demonstrate the understanding and adhering of the MCP scholars to these ethical values would take days together. So my dear teacher and fellowmen, let me just tell you about a couple of incidents to have a better understanding about this. Sixteen year old John from MCP was a good student by nature and had a clean track record. One day he had been accused of stealing a wallet from Kevin, and he denied it. Kevin was actually not sure if it was John who stole the wallet and he had not had the courage to blame john. The very reason why he couldn’t do that was that John was diligent, intelligent and honest. Though there were no evidences of John doing that, he could not stand his conscience pricking him and he went straight to Kevin and admitted his mistake. Though he was aware that his mistake wouldn’t see light, it was his honesty that made him confess his mistake and turned him into a better person. This incident tells us about the adoption of ethical values by MCP scholars and actually displaying them in times of need. Here comes another incident demonstrating the MCP scholars’ adherence to civic virtues. Here dear friends, I have to point out that though we learn about civic virtues, their application in real life is of paramount importance, because it is hard to practice than preach. David, another student at MCP was gloomy, rash and ignorant by nature.

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