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Write a 4 page essay on Diversity Sociology.Download file to see previous pages... This will eventually establish the real essence of whatever perspective or discipline should be used in understanding

Write a 4 page essay on Diversity Sociology.

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This will eventually establish the real essence of whatever perspective or discipline should be used in understanding the complex human behavior. Keywords: sociological perspective, economic perspective, psychological perspective Introduction How does diversity impact sociological considerations is one of the important aspects discussed in this essay. Furthermore, how this chosen discipline differs in its perspective in explaining group behavior compared with psychologist and other point of view is substantially discussed. Particularly, the proponent chooses cultural relativism in the discussion of this concept. Diversity According to Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimension, the US is most likely to have a strong individualistic culture. This means that this country always seeks to look forward to competitive advantage placing individual achievements on top of their culture (Ivancevich, 2010). As a result, many companies such as Apple Incorporated remarkably would want to create a sense of being a cut above the other. Thus, competitive strategies may be required (Porter, 1998). Furthermore, within this organization, a remarkable culture is encouraged and that everyone should substantially create a positive essence of competition (O’Grady, 2008). ...

is rumored that this country has strong sense of cultural collectivism due to the remarkable presence of resilient family ties as compared to its counterparts in Western societies (McKinstry &amp. McKinstry, 1991, p.130). In other words, in contrast to highly individualist culture, Japanese are always moved to work in a team. There is a sense of teamwork which has become the elemental benchmark of success. In other words, instead of having an individual to be recognized, it is the whole team or group that usually deserves the credit of appreciation. At this point, it is clear that there is corresponding diversity when it comes to achieving and viewing success especially within the context of group or organization. Achieving competitive advantage for instance may differ from how the US tries to take a look at it compared from the entire Japanese perspective as illustrated earlier. This means that diversity substantially creates impact on sociological consideration. Based on the previous illustration and according to cultural relativism as cited by Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimension, there is a significant point that culture plays in the creation of diversity. At this point, it is not easy to judge a certain culture. From economic perspective, competitive advantage may be equated with profit or other monetary values, but it has to specifically consider cultural perspectives in great detail. It is not just easy to implement managerial decisions and strategies into Japan’s culture that could be well be fitted in the US culture. At this point, relative decisions are necessary in order to come up with highly effective outcome.

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