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Write 6 page essay on the topic Jetblue airways corporation.Download file to see previous pages... The company core values are commitment to safety of its customers and the crewmembers, ensures respec

Write 6 page essay on the topic Jetblue airways corporation.

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The company core values are commitment to safety of its customers and the crewmembers, ensures respect between the passengers and crew members, achieving passion this is by striving to meet the needs of passengers and the crew members and integrity this is by honesty demonstration mutual trust and commitment to JetBlue improvement. The company is ranked tenth in the United States airline by traffic. The company top management is made up of CEO ( David Bager), Rusell Chew and President &amp.COO, Chief Financial Officer, Executive VP and CAO( Edward Barnes), head of legal department and Ex. VP of corporate affairs( James Hnat), Sr VP of customer services(Rob Maruster). Problems/ strategic issues Labor unions contract has been the major complication that the airlines are facing. The labor unions objective is maximizing the welfare of the members thus they end up taking a long period of time negotiating for better remuneration of the members. If the results of the negotiation are below the expectation of the labor unions the labor union officials may result in requesting their members to participation in industrial action The cost of fuel and consumption has been rising annually this has been due to increased number of flights and increased oil prices. The level of obesity as also contributed to the high cost of fuel and consumption. ...

A chart showing increase in price per gallon A table illustrating increase consumption of fuel as at 31st December 2008 2007 2006 Number of gallons consumed 453000000 444000000 377000000 Total cost of gasoline $1352000000 $929000000 $752000000 Terrorism has been a concern in air security in the United States the congress has taken charge for airlines security.in November 2002 the transportation security administration (TSA) took charge of all the airports. The (TSA) installed detectors of explosives in the airports. Almost all airlines worldwide experience delays in their flights, for one reason or the other. Some of reasons attributed to the delay include, airport congestion, flight maintenance, bad weather conditions, unsafe environment and emergencies on the tarmac. Financial analysis of the company Analysis of the company financial statement is essential in order to ascertain the financial soundness of the company. Under this section we will carry out a ratio analysis in order to analysis the financial health of JetBlue Airways Corporation. Profitability analysis Profitability analysis assist in determining whether the firm has the ability of generating profits on the funds invested. The gross profit margin for the company in April 2009 was 26.18%. This is an indication of the firm returns on costs, as compared to the industry it shows that the firm sales have the highest capability in the industry of generating sales, since the industry gross margin is 22%. Liquidity analysis The company has quick ratio of 0.82 while the recommend ratio is 1:1, therefore, this figure is shows that the company can be able to meet its current obligations as the fall due.

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