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Write a 4 page essay on Ocean Park (Hong Kong).Download file to see previous pages... There are three attraction areas in this park which include Headland, Lowland and Tai Shue Wan. The three areas ar

Write a 4 page essay on Ocean Park (Hong Kong).

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There are three attraction areas in this park which include Headland, Lowland and Tai Shue Wan. The three areas are connected by a cable car, ocean express and outdoor escalator which is considered to be the second longest in the earth (Citi International Case Competition, 2008). The greatest attractions of Ocean Park include amusement park, an oceanarium and an open-air theme park. Hong Kong Ocean Park inaugurated a ‘flagship marine-themed zone’ – ‘Aqua City’ on 26th January 2011. It is the giant aquarium of Aqua City and became the latest attraction for the tourist. The aquarium features around 5,000 marine animals belonging to more than 400 species (China Travel Guide, 2011). 2.0 Strength and Weakness of Culture of Ocean Park 2.1 Strength In Southeast Asia, Ocean Park is the best park with its infrastructure on a mountainside. It is one of the largest entertainment and educational parks. Though it is quite old, it has been maintained properly (Oracle Think Quest, n.d.). Ocean Park is recognised as an iconic entity in Hong Kong, which is popularised with local people along with tourists. About 55% of the tourists are from China and other foreign countries. The people are provided with both educational and recreational facilities. ...

They can acquire knowledge about the aquatic life from Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Atoll Reef and Sea Jelly Spectacular. At present the theme park has 19 rides along with two rollercoaster. 11 animals are displayed in the house such as a and Chinese sturgeon aquarium, giant panda habitat and a jelly fish A four-storyed aquarium demonstrates nearly about 2,000 fishes (Citi International Case Competition, 2008). In the lower part of the park, there is a parrot garden as well as garden theatre where various animals along with parrot perform shows. The upper portion have recreation centre of marine game which is on the top of the mountain (Oracle Think Quest, n.d.). The water world is also available in the Ocean Park which is greatly enjoyed by the people during summer season (Asian Info, 2000). The park has strong brand and has gained its popularity globally. The Ocean Park is rich in all the traditional cultures of China. The Chinese culture can be observed in this largest theme park. Cable car facilities are provided to experience the natural view of southern coast, Aberdeen and neighbouring islands of Hong Kong. The prices range of Ocean Park is also competitive than other existing parks in Hong Kong (Bloom &amp. Et. Al., 2005). 2.2 Weakness The park is located in the hillside thus it causes problem in land development. The financial strength of the Ocean Park is less. They are not getting any financial support and are dependent on their own income along with production cost. The park has developed various strategies to renovate the place but enough time will be required for the work. As the park was opened in 1977, it is much older than other parks.

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