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Write a 5 page essay on Aging and decision making.Download file to see previous pages... While it must be considered that age advancement is inevitable, it comes with numerous challenges. Such challen

Write a 5 page essay on Aging and decision making.

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While it must be considered that age advancement is inevitable, it comes with numerous challenges. Such challenges can be overcome when necessary measures are put in place to ensure that adults’ important brains do not go down the drain. The essay will also try to give some of the possible remedies for adults’ aging conditions associated with memory lapses or regression. According to majority of people’s conventional way of reasoning, one’s ability to make proper decisions decreases with increase in age. With most experiments, that have been done so far, most results have shown that the degree of decision-making is not linked in any way with a person’s age. What most researchers have indicated is that how fast one makes decision depends on two major things. One is how quick that decision needs to be made. older adults are known to make slow but careful decision after much thought than their younger counterparts. They refer to this as wisdom. Some scholars have however refuted this claim indicating that most of the researchers carrying out such evaluations have remained bias. The other one depends on the nature of the decision to be made. While it can be argued that decision-making is largely contributed by age of an individual, as a matter of fact, I feel that the nature of the decision is crucial when gauging the time taken to make a particular decision. Certain decisions require time in order to make the correct judgments unlike others that may be made instantly. It must be, however, understood that this factor also does not relate to the age of an individual. Young people are likely to make quick decisions if that decision is associated with or is likely to yield immediate rewards. This is contrary to older adults whose decision making process is not pertained to immediate rewards, rather by their pre frontal cortices which largely helps them to make judgment after careful thinking (Rafaely, Dror &amp. Remington, 2006). Time as determinant factor in making decisions plays an important role in lives of both young and old adults. As time elapses for making decisions or choosing between alternatives, one is always at a risk of compromising the making of the best decision and a proper one for that matter. At that level, one is bound to ignore so many alternatives, picking only that which looks convenient however improper the decision may seem to be. This is always done based on the prevailing circumstances that influence such decisions. In that case, both the young and the aging adults would prefer few choices in order to choose the most suitable. The major problem that comes with decision making in adults is that they tend to rely mostly on heuristics effects, as they get older to make decision. As it is commonly known, society largely depends on old adults in decision making at every level of the society. Their wisdom cannot be downplayed by anyone. Many societies look up to them not only for moral support but also for crucial decision-making. It must be acknowledged that decision-making processes in adults may vary with health related factors, which hamper normal brain functioning. It may also vary depending on genetic line of an individual. Generally, some people greatly rely on heuristic abilities to make proper judgments as opposed to others. Some adults take time to make decisions while others are bound to rush during the process of decision-making (Dror, Katona &amp. Mungur, 1998). Nevertheless, it is not important how long one takes to make decisions but rather, how one is capable of making rational and forthright decisions at critical times.

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