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Write a 5 page essay on Anderson County School District 3 Election.Many may wonder what kind of job or task exactly the candidate is up for. Members of the Board are expected to consign themselves to

Write a 5 page essay on Anderson County School District 3 Election.

Many may wonder what kind of job or task exactly the candidate is up for. Members of the Board are expected to consign themselves to regular turnout at Board meetings, which entails 3 half-day meetings and 1 full-day meeting a year at the school. It is expected that members serve on at least one Board committee, working group or occasional task force during their term of office. Board committees normally meet 3-4 times a year at the school. Members are encouraged to attend other events and activities that are held by the school, including Graduation Day in mid-September. Members may also be required to attend occasionally special activities to be held at schools, such as audit visits by outside agencies. The role is expected to require an average of 12 days annually, in addition to reading and travelling time.

This is just but a tip of what the post entails. The school board exists to ensure that the mission of the school is attained. To do this, members of the Board need to keep themselves informed of progress in the school, higher education, and most significantly, the performance of the school. Members of the Board are expected to participate fully in the development of the school’s corporate and operating plans and to ensure proper allocation and use of the school’s resources in meeting the objectives of those plans is assured. Curiosity might be on the rise on what exactly Danny Davis and Ray Graham are contending for, or rather why each found it within their means to vie for an assistant governor’s position. Well, it is nothing other than to assist in the Governing Board of Anderson School District Three. It is rather clear to note what this means as the election winner had a straight seat in the Board Governing Anderson School. This would earn him control, which is noted as one of the key aspects that candidates always go for in a given election (Parker 29) In brief highlight of the candidates for these election posts comes the first candidate Danny Davis. Danny Davis is an IT technician, currently working as a transportation manager and a board member of the same school at present. On the other hand, our second man Ray Graham works in the Anderson County Sheriff’s Investigation Department. By this time, it might be true to conclude that Ray Graham commands larger grounds than his mate, and this might end up playing a vital role in the outcome of the elections. Both Danny and Ray are renowned members of the society and either of them can make a good governing assistant in the school board. This election is undoubtedly of great importance. First and foremost, each candidate has outspokenly laid out his points and what he intends to manifest once elected to the position. Just to point out one of each, Ray Graham intends to introduce the fair treatment of all kids in the district, in an equal manner, as opposed to fair treatment for a few as it may be said to be as of now. He also promised to ensure equal opportunities for all students in matters and issues concerning them. Ray Graham also promises to move Anderson County School District forward in matters pertaining to resources, teachers and the faculty’s need to educate their children at higher levels, allowing them to further their opportunities for success at completion of their education.

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