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Write a 5 page essay on Management.Download file to see previous pages... Most highlighted factors include job stress, work load, de-motivation and low satisfaction. Literature Review: Job stress is a

Write a 5 page essay on Management.

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Most highlighted factors include job stress, work load, de-motivation and low satisfaction. Literature Review: Job stress is a term used to define the stress related to work that is the outcome of the struggle made by an employee in order to yield high efficiency and performance by accomplishing its tasks, assignments and targets within the due time. This occupational stress may affect the performance of an organization (Weiss, 1983). It has been noted that job stress is becoming a growing concern for majority of organizations and particularly, for the human resource management (Dewe, Driscroll, &amp. Cooper, 2010). Over the years, numerous researches and studies have been conducted in order to understand the importance of stress management. It was concluded that with the advancement in technology and industrialization job stress is increasing rapidly. Job stress has not only effected the mental health and well being of the employees but it has also becoming a growing concern for the employers to deal with the various problems occurred as an outcome of job stress (McGowan, 2006). The Effects of Stress in a Job: Different researches have indicated that numerous health related issues can emerge due to stress. There could be different factors that would contribute in raising the job stress such as de-motivation and job dissatisfaction. According toWeiss (1983), job dissatisfaction can lead to job stress which can adversely affect the working capacity and the performance of an employee. As a result, this would make the entire organization suffer from low performance and growth. The Impact of Stress on Performance: A clear relationship has been observed between job performance and the job stress. It should be remembered that job performance involves the efforts and struggle of an employee to accomplish its tasks within a specific time. On an account, according to different researches that have been conducted it is concluded that there are four types of relationships between the job stress and the job performance. These relationships include negative linear relationship in which stress is responsible for lowering the productivity. In positive linear relationship the performance can be increased by increasing the stress. On the other hand, curvilinear relationship gives rise to mild stress which becomes responsible for elevating the productivity but as the employee faces the stress, the productivity restore to its previous state. However, in the fourth relationship, one factor decreases with the decrease in other factor (Smith and Sainfort, 1989). Factors that Result in Job Stress: There could be number of factors resulting in job stress such as: 1- External factors: External factors include the organizational and family related conflicts. 2- Internal Factors: These include all the internal factors within an organization. Stress Management in a Work Place: Workplace stress is becoming a concern for all the organizations around the world. It is directly affecting the mental health and the well being of all the human beings suffering from stress. It has been observed that ineffective dealing with stress management could affect adversely, however. managers can implement different techniques to encounter job stress.

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