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Write a 5 page essay on Who is responsible for Irmas untimate success.Download file to see previous pages... What gets highlighted immensely early in the story is that she is of marriageable age. She

Write a 5 page essay on Who is responsible for Irmas untimate success.

Download file to see previous pages...

What gets highlighted immensely early in the story is that she is of marriageable age. She gets considered too poor and unattractive to marry. It commences by her brother departing for America in search of a better life and future, in a bid to escape poverty that was in the village. When Irma’s brother departs for Cleveland, and she notices that more and more youth from her village are following in the same trend, she panics and loses hope of her chances of making a happy marriage. Irma’s life brings out the details of an Italian village life, troubles of immigration into a new world, and struggles of finding work. It talks about deception that goes on during immigration and people who come up as friends in an attempt to assist Irma. It is an inspiration of strength, courage and determination. It pays tribute to numerous women who bravely face the pain and losing loved ones in their journey to look for a new life in a land of hope. It brings out the strength of a woman in an attempt to look for a better life. This story highlights that with the right frame of mind, determination and the support of good people. current, challenging situations must not determine one’s future. Even with the summoning from the church priest and the declaration that Opi had officially been declared part of Italy, many lives had not changed (Schoenewaldt 2). Becoming official citizens of Italy had not changed the lives of people in Opi. Many were still poor, and no one ever saw the king (Schoenewaldt 2). This clearly meant that immigration was still inevitable and that people had extremely few choices living in Opi. With this in mind, Irma’s aging aunt encourages her to go to America, locate her brother and make a better living. Irma then decides to set out and boards a ship to America with a secret stash of money that had over the years been passed down from mothers to daughters. It documents the tumultuous life journey of a young immigrant seamstress. She starts her journey from her isolated Italian mountain village in the late and dark periods of the nineteenth century into America. The person who is primarily responsible for Irma’s success is Irma herself. Her sweat determination, courage and hard work got her to an ultimate successful destination. She never gave up. She kept trying until she succeeded. She was brave enough to move from Italy, and with the strength she possessed, determination and seamstress skills she was able to get work in different cities she lived in after her arrival in America. “I closed my eyes. No other way appeared” (Schoenewaldt 20) Schoenewaldt points out Irma’s life in detail. Irma starts out in Italy, travels the long and demanding journey to America, and struggles in the numerous cities she calls home.&nbsp.This clearly describes the fact that Irma worked extra hard towards her success, and did not falter until she achieved it. She chose to make a better life for herself in America with a faith, conviction and perseverance needed to survive. She was exceedingly courageous leaving Opi. “To keep from looking back, I fixed on pine needles pressed in packed earth, on dragonflies and thorny humps of blackberry bushes that would bear fruit when I was gone” (Schoenewaldt 25). I thought of embroidery stitches and catechisms, anything but home” (Schoenewaldt 25). Although Irma was a plain girl, she had a special quality that drew people to her because along her journey she many friends everywhere she went. Before she even gets to Naples, she meets Attilio who helps her a great deal. “Attilio led me to the table. Irma, I said we’d help you get in America. Come close to the fire” (Schoenewaldt 31).

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