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Write a 5 pages paper on apple strategy. This has been done using the quality employees who they employ. In recruiting the new employees, Apple does not necessarily follow what most companies have bee

Write a 5 pages paper on apple strategy. This has been done using the quality employees who they employ. In recruiting the new employees, Apple does not necessarily follow what most companies have been doing. Contrary, Apple looks for great sales persons who have been using their products and have consequently developed a likeness of the same. By doing this, they help differentiate true enthusiasm and the salespersons believe in the products. The company has gone further to invent black cards. This strategy is to be used by their customers whereby they can issue black cards to their employees. The cards have an Apple emblem and they contain some written materials on the sidelines. This card directs the Apple customers to talk to the company. On the rear side of the black card, it recommends the Apple customers to fill in, whereby they indicate, whether they have received good customer service or not. Moreover, the company has also developed an idea of a store within a store. This has been achieved through the setting up of Apple shops in big departmental stores and supermarkets such as the Best Buy. They have also placed Apple consultants at this shops whereby they train employees about their brands and all others (Apple Inc., 2010, p.1). For Apple to climb to such heights, the company has developed a distribution and market segment that has overseen the brand name attain global recognition. Through its distribution and marketing segment, the company sells its product throughout the world using online stores, retail stores, direct sales force, third-party wholesalers, resellers, and value-added resellers. The company also sells to consumers, of large-scale and small-scale, and small and medium sized business, creative customers, education, enterprise, and the government (Apple Inc., 2010, p.1). Business Strategies Apple has employed high standard of business strategy, which are followed by all members of the institution. This is done because the company is committed to delivering nothing but the best personal computing, moveable digital music and moveable communication practice to customers, scholars, instructors, commerce, and administration agencies through its groundbreaking hardware, software, peripherals, amenities, and internet offerings. The company’s business level strategies shows the companies unique ability to come up with, and develop the companies own operating system, hardware, application software, and services to deliver its clienteles different products and elucidations with superior ease-of-use, seamless integration, and innovative industrial design (Apple Inc., 2010, p.1). This company believes strongly in the need for continued investments in research and development. The reason is that the development of this will enhance innovativeness in its products and technologies. In the business level strategies, the company considers the use of cost leadership. This is done in order to compete for a wide customer base, which is usually based on its prices. However, the products developed by Apple are expensive for moderate people in other countries outside the US. Nevertheless, these prices are based on internal efficiency so that the company can form a margin, which will sustain above average returns and cost to the customer so that customers will purchase Apples products. This happens since the technology sector is standardized whereby if a company fails to achieve certain targets, other rival companies will surpass it. Some of Apples largest competitors are Samsung and HTC. However, there has been a continuous effort to lower the cost to be relative to customers (Apple Inc.

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