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Write a 5 pages paper on the effectiveness of early intensive behavioural intervention for autism.

Write a 5 pages paper on the effectiveness of early intensive behavioural intervention for autism. The model is based on the name of Ole Ivar Lovaas who had developed this model. In 1999, the United States Surgeon General’s office has been approving this therapy for treating small children having autism spectrum disorder (Callahan, Shukla-Mehta, Magee, & Wie, 2010).

The prime objective of the study is to describe certain important aspects in relation to the Lovaas model and how it provides support in EIBI therapy. Apart from this, the study reveals how young children having autism are benefitted with the application of EIBI. Contextually, the study will also focus on how EIBI is helpful in improving children’s quality of life with autism.

The Lovaas programme is recognised as a model which has been used as an EIBI therapy for assisting young children suffering from disorders such as spectrum autism. The model was invented by the University of California. This model has been developed for treating children with development-delays and autism. It is especially a time based intensive intervention that includes approximately 40 hours of time for proper treatment and intervention of children (Chasson, Harris, & Neely, 2007). Children belong to two to three years and more than two to three years of age are provided treatment with the use of the Lovaas model. The model is having two separate phases or processes for treating autism (Wolery, & Reichow, 2008). Initially, the Lovaas model focuses on an actual problem that can be experienced by the children. In this regard, the first step of this program is to focus on teaching for self-help as well as receptive language skills to the children. These factors will help the children to become more independent in their life. The second step of the intervention programme is to highlight significant features of language expressive teaching. Besides, the programme emphasises arranging interactive play with peers (Warren et al., 2015).

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