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Write a 6 page essay on Industry and the united states.Download file to see previous pages... The hand made products were then replaced by the factory products thus making them more accessible and mor

Write a 6 page essay on Industry and the united states.

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The hand made products were then replaced by the factory products thus making them more accessible and more affordable to the Americans. The process of industrial revolution started in Great Britain when machinery was invented to replace human labor while fossil fuel to replace wind, water and wood (Alam 23). The full impact industrialization was fully felt when the use of machine spread to other corners of the globe in around 1800AD. This led to comprehensive rises in production capacity that affected all the basic human needs from food production, housing and clothing among others. Industrial revolution opened the American economy to merge with the world economy thus initiating the exchange of goods and services between them and different countries. These also paved ways for the establishment of economies, which promoted their businesses and made them to expand and conquer the global economy. The ability of the Americans to dominate the seas allowed their merchants to displace other from the world trade system thus benefiting them greatly. The creation of the world economy was a result of industrialization that greatly benefited the Americans as they get ready market for their goods, most of which were of superior quality (Vitiello 21). Industrialized Lives Industrialization prompted a movement for rural life to urban life resulting to urbanization in the American states. Others who could not sustain the lavish urban life remained in slums resulting in the development of social classes and segregation of individuals. The introduction of new technology in areas of agriculture resulted in improvements in production of foods and increased trade. The tools produced from industries provided the platform for the Americans to increase their production techniques in their farming fields. The average women in America also took advantage of the opportunities presented by industrialization in America to advance socially, economically and politically (Cancian, Goodman &amp. Smith, 14). They left the traditional women chores of cooking meals, and taking care of other household duties to engage in business and to work in the industries. The demands of workers for the factories initiated women's empowerment programs to enable them work in these factories in the same capacity as men. Women got a glimpse of the life at work, compared it with the traditional household duties, and resulted to a new dimension in family relationships. The industries also took advantage of the situation and reduce the wages since women worked for lower wages than men. This initiated the idea that women are of same competency as men and they begin to advocate for equal opportunity with men in workplaces. Industrialization led to segregation of people into different age groups especially through the blacks and the whites. The blacks who are the minority were often looked down upon at the expense of the whites with respect to the opportunities that were availed by industries. Areas dominated by the white population got attention form the government than those dominated by other races. The Native American thus greatly benefited from government incentives at the expense of the black population (Wythe 11). Industry and Population Growth The entrance of industries saw a sharp increase in population growth in the United States.

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