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Write a 6 page essay on Investigation on Whether Nokia Should Quit the UK.Download file to see previous pages... The main research objective is find out whether it would be viable to minimize expansio

Write a 6 page essay on Investigation on Whether Nokia Should Quit the UK.

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The main research objective is find out whether it would be viable to minimize expansion of the Nokia brand in the U.K market. Nokia as evident from the analysis has been experiencing a decline it its market share in the named market. Competition has stifled with other companies providing equal or better quality mobile handsets. Handsets are now a requirement for a majority of people. Statistics has shown a decline in number of handsets purchased and an ever increasing number of smartphones acquired. It is a technologically changing world that can be attributed to this trend. People want the best, and since it is affordable, they can get it. Nokia holds a high popularity of mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world. It had the biggest market share of mobile users, but this is changing. This research focuses on finding out changes in the performance of Nokia and if it is a viable idea for to withdraw itself from the U.K market. In trying to answer this, several factors have to be investigated on the reasons that have led to this aftermath in the Nokia Company. 1.2: Research objectives. The research problems highlight the areas of importance in this study. They seek to encompass the most crucial factors involved in this project. They revolve around the Nokia Mobile statistics. They are, to determine the factors behind the decline of Nokia smartphone market share, changing trends in the mobile market, to identify measures to be taken against this issue and know if it is wise to leave the U.K market or not. 1.3: Research questions What are the reasons for declining market share in U.K, how can it be controlled and what are the appropriate ways to control it. 1.4: Statement of problem Factors influencing Nokia mobile market share the U.K and factors influencing changes in the mobile market in U.K 2.0: LITERATURE REVIEW In recent times, with the advancement of technology, operating systems became one of the major determinants of a company’s performance in the market. With the need for faster and efficient mobile systems, there has been competition on who provides the best operating system customers prefer in the U.K. Apple has the most popular OS scooping a share of 42%, Blackberry with 36% and android with a share of 12%. It is surprising because Nokia, known for its popularity and with the changing trends and stiff competition, stands to make its way to the top or quit the smartphone market for better standing mobile companies. This research focuses on finding out what appropriate measure to take, whether quit or continue in the race of attracting customers to use their smartphones. In trying to investigate this, it has to identify the gap existing the company and the competitors. Strategies used in pricing, promotion, quality provision and the 4ps of marketing have a large part in determining the performance of a company’s products. For example, while price may not be a substantial factor to consider because of affordability in the current market of smartphones it is still pertinent to know that is the crucial factor customers consider for any product. They may want to operate in the market with the highest margins. This can only be realistic in a monopolistic market where they are the sole suppliers of a product. That is why the Nokia Company have to identify what strategy to use to maintain their share, increase it or exit the market.

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