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Write a 6 page essay on The 2012 Olympic Games in Britain.Download file to see previous pages... It is a global event and it attracts a lot of world attention, which is an avenue for prosperity for th

Write a 6 page essay on The 2012 Olympic Games in Britain.

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It is a global event and it attracts a lot of world attention, which is an avenue for prosperity for the host country. The most profound of this sporting event is that it features summer and winter sports where the well-molded and crafted athletes from around the globe gather and showcase their superb talents (Davis, 2012:41). This has been a culture of late, a stage for the outstanding talent. Since the times of BARON PIERRE DE COUBERRTIN (the founder of the initial Olympic committee), the games have evolved into accommodating numerous changes. This will bring new visitors to Britain who probably would not have come. As a result, it will open new visitors markets, which is to greater extend what United Kingdom dreamed of (Great Britain Parliament House Committee, 2010:71). Hosting the Olympic Games in London will bring with it the inspiration merits, support and subjects for thousands of clinical and scientific studies. This is expected benefit because most of the overlooked legacies of these games give avenues for scientific research in science and medicine (Thornton, 2011:4). All eyes will be glued as the biggest sporting event on the planet will kick starts at its grounds. With 26 performances to pass through our eyes, with 10,500 multi-talented athletes, they form useful experimental subjects (Houlihan and Green, 2011:113). This is so because modern sport and medicine have of late enjoyed a close relationship. These are great avenues for Britain scientists to put into practice their knowledge since the athletes volunteer to be examined because of their competitiveness This gathering is expected to bring out one of the busiest summers in the history of the England nation (Houlihan and Green, 2011.151). Moreover, the London economy is set to convey out its most sophisticated transport system, which in-deed is expected to be the crandle of running wheels in the entire Europe (E.S.R.C., 2010:09). Again the world is set to be fed with yet another new architectural design of the recent times as the games will take place in the magnificently designed venues and the Olympic parks across London and around the United Kingdom (Davis, 2012:77). This is for sure, all good news since the economy will be expected to tap from this source. As the festival progress by, the England nation is set to host and accommodate all this visitors. The welfare of all the Olympic ticket holders not to mention their security will whole-handedly be in the hands of the host. It is all in the care of the London government to bring out and unleash its deep sitted level of services in order to gain (Davis, 2012:45). In addition, the country will again benefit by exposing its culture to the world. As expected, there would be hostels and campsites. Luxury hotels are set to be, food and ancient traditions and all forms of travelling (Thornton, 2011:17). London and United Kingdom have a great range of things to show to the attending and spectating world and benefit a lot. Whether the country will profit from these events, is all left on how the organizers have planned. It is now a question of how the games can be sustained in terms of the environmental impact and the dire need of the United Kingdom government to deliver a long lasting legacy and benefit at a variety of scales. As scheduled, almost all the Olympic proceedings should be held within the London locality (E.S.R.C., 2010:13).

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