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Write a 6 page essay on Virginia Woolf.Download file to see previous pages... In the novel "To the Lighthouse", Woolf articulates her inner thoughts clearly with regards women's occupations and her no

Write a 6 page essay on Virginia Woolf.

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In the novel "To the Lighthouse", Woolf articulates her inner thoughts clearly with regards women's occupations and her notion of work. Mrs Ramsay, the main character in this novel, illustrates her creativity in social life as she finds comfort in her role as a loyal wife. Lily, however, despite criticisms hurled against female artists, evident in one of Mr. Ramsey's imprudent utterances that "Women can't write, women can't paint", firmly devotes herself to her vocation, as she is very passionate about her art. Mr Ramsey contentions about women and their vocations exemplify the Victorian assumptions that males and females have their 'assigned roles and they must adhere to it. In contrast, Mrs. Ramsey is a picture of a person satisfied with her life in her chosen endeavor. Often she would make comments about Lily and the girl's artistic leanings by saying, "With her little Chinese eyes and her puckered-up face, she would never marry. one could not take her painting very seriously. she was an independent little creature, and Mrs Ramsay liked her for it" (Woolf 17). Woolf, of course, highly regards artistry as a great occupation as she contends that, "women ought to be as well educated as men, indeed a great deal better immerses herself in an "abstract discipline" (her art). Woolf once stated that all vocations should be unlocked to anyone qualified for them regardless of gender, color or race. As Woolf defies stereotypical roles, her opinions both implicit and explicit, are fundamental in understanding life in her particular setting, and significant in comprehending her arguments on gender roles, work, profession, gender equality and social constraints on women in her generation. Woolf in these writings depicts the roles of women in nonconformist roles and careers in order to explore ideas of work and vocation. In her two works, each of the female protagonists is depicted differently. For instance, in her work, "A Room of One's Own", Woolf shows the progression of women as they adopt a non-conventional career by 'having money and a room of their own to explore creative endeavors, actions considered taboo in Woolf's generation.

In contrast, To the Lighthouse portrays a 'new woman' and her "work" or "vocation" through the novel's protagonists, Lily Briscoe who represents the new woman, adopts her professional career on professional and sincere level. Arnold Bennett stated that a "woman who adopts a professional career will be taken seriously". Lily follows this guide as she disentangles herself from the customary duties that women like Mrs. Ramsay holds, she instead shapes her artistry and stresses individuality through her vocation. In addition, Lily refuses to link her identity to that of men or husband as she has a distinct idea of marriage. The women's movement gave women the chance to cede their domestic duties and the freedom to voice up the difficulties that they were facing in life.

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