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Write a 8 page essay on The different determinants that affect smoking In U.S.Download file to see previous pages... There has been a steady increase in the level of cigarette smoking in the recent pa

Write a 8 page essay on The different determinants that affect smoking In U.S.

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There has been a steady increase in the level of cigarette smoking in the recent past. Smoking in the United States has a long history dating all the way from the earlier centuries despite its harmful effects in the life of smokers as well as that of the secondary smokers..According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) march 14, 2012 survey, 19.3% of adults (18 years and above) smoke. This is an estimated population of 45.3 million people. These figures indicate an upward trend over the past five years. In essence, this percentage has remained almost constant since 2005. The government of the United States of America spends an approximated $ 700 million for anti-smoking programs. However, experts and lobby groups have asserted that more funds should be set aside for the programs. This paper intends to examine the extent to which demographic factors such as gender, race, age and poverty levels influences the smoking behavior. More over, the study will examine the interrelationship between long illness and smoking. This study observes that, pro-smoke lobby groups have emerged to promote and advocate for cigarette smoking claiming that it is a harmless activity. Such include The Golden Leaf Foundation.Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of premature death in the United States. Economists have also advocated for smoking considering the impact it has on the economy. It is notable that, increasing taxes on tobacco products will greatly influence the level of cessation than the level of initiation among young people. According to DeCicca et al, 2008, age plays a significant role in determining the level of smoking in the United States. Ceasing from smoking habit is much easier among the youths than among adults. On the other hand, youths appear more quick to initiate smoking habit in comparison with adults. This is due to peer pressure among younger generation (DeCicca et al, 914). Cigarette smoking has numerous effects in a human body. Nicotine, which is found in tobacco, is known for its addictive power thus making it hard for smokers to quit smoking behavior. Youths usually underestimate the power of nicotine and it’s only after engaging in smoking behavior, when they do realize how it is challenging to quit. Tobacco also contains other chemicals that endanger the life of a smoker. It is proven scientifically that smoking affect nearly every organ in the body.Women who smoke during pregnancies usually pose a serious risk to their unborn children. It increases high chances of miscarriage as well as premature births. Such mothers may also give birth to children with low weight, which will definitely affect their growth thus lowering their chances of surviving infant mortality. Paternal smoking might affect the unborn child through secondary smoking. Anumber of long-term illnesses have been associated with smoking. Cancerous infections that affect body parts such as cervix, bladder, pancreas, lungs among others are attributed to smoking behavior and are usually terminal. Heart diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke and heart attack are consequences of long-term smoking. Production health activists have argued that persistent smoking behavior leads to reduces fertility in both men and women. In men, it may lead to erectile dysfunction as well as low sperm count or formation of abnormal sperms. It has been established that women who smoke are more likely to be affected negatively by contraceptive pills. Women who smoke are more likely to go through menopause early compared to those who do not smoke. Smoking greatly affects the skin of smokers. The tar on tobacco usually stains the teeth, skin and the lips. Wrinkles may also appear on the skin at an early age for those have long term smoking behavior. Women who smoke are more likely to store fat in their waist rather than their hips and this is linked to some serious medical conditions.

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