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Write a 4 page essay on English SLP 5.Download file to see previous pages... Following are the highlights of my related skills and qualification: BE Mechanics. MBA Operations Management. 7 years of ex

Write a 4 page essay on English SLP 5.

Download file to see previous pages...

Following are the highlights of my related skills and qualification: BE Mechanics. MBA Operations Management. 7 years of experience in textile industry where my core job responsibilities were to maintain production plants, analysis of production reports and procurement of new machinery. 5 years of experience in cement industry where I joined as an operations manager. Here my basic responsibility was to look after the existing facility. I have been concerned about location design, selection and maintenance of facility as part of my current job. Operations managers are critically required to assist all the business activities while ensuring the smooth flow of input, process and output (Greasley, 2008). As per the requirement of United States Steel Corporation, I possess sound understanding of location management and hence I will prove beneficial for your organization in terms of future strategic decisions and facility planning. Effective and efficient planning is the core component of achieving competitive advantage because it outlines the fundamental goals and objectives while giving an execution procedure to the company (Arnold, et. al., 2011). I have good communication skills which are essential for managers. Moreover, I can perform exceptionally well in terms of generating electronic reports and analyzing data. Computer skills including preparation of data sheets, online research and data interpretation are the sole responsibilities of an operations manager at US Steel Mill and I can surely perform well on all these job related tasks. Professionally I am very flexible and available to work at different schedules. The operations manager is required to perform distinctive job responsibilities and I can effectively manage different tasks simultaneously. Hence I will prove productive for the organization due to my huge experience in different industries and also because of my critical thinking and quick analysis. I can efficiently meet short deadlines without compromising on the quality of work. Moreover, I can coordinate with other departments including sales, marketing, human resource, finance, accounting etc. In addition to this I work with due consideration to the ethical code of conduct while refraining from breach of law. This can be further verified from my enclosed certificates and awards received from my past experience. I can surely benefit the organization in different ways while maintaining its prestige and reputation in society. I am looking forward to serve you through all possible ways while utilizing my skills and abilities. Enclosed is my resume for your consideration. Sincerely, [Name] E-mail to Mother Dear Mom, I am excited to inform you that United States Steel Corporation is now offering a vacancy in operations department. It was my dream to serve the US steel mill as an operations manager and hence I immediately sent my resume and all other related documents. The Human Resource Manager has called me for an interview on this Friday at the Steel Mill Headquarters and therefore I will leave today by the evening. Although my dream is about to get fulfilled yet I am worried about your response because after shifting there I would not be able to meet you every Sunday nor I would be able to have random conversions with others at home. Surely I will miss the precious family time we spend together.

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