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Compose a 3000 words essay on Global resource depletion: A developing focus in the policy arena. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages... Hence, the following discussion expl

Compose a 3000 words essay on Global resource depletion: A developing focus in the policy arena. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Hence, the following discussion explores the contributing factors to the rise of the issue of global shortages as a primary motivator for government policy. National governments’ understanding of environmental issues has evolved significantly as time progressed. Since the 1960s, the first case of contemporary environmental problem and policy measures to solve this was mostly about a group of independent concerns that may be addressed reactively, with remedial strategies (Nilsson &amp. Eckerberg 2007, 8). Restricting resource use, direct methods of nature preservation, and environmental protection, were the primary policy responses. Eventually, the factor that ‘brings about’ rather than ‘indications’ of environmental crises had to be dealt with became more evident-- for instance, cutting down the production of waste and regulating consumption rather than merely preventing ‘environmental risks’—real or possible hazard of detrimental impacts on the environment and life forms by resource shortages, wastes, emissions, runoffs, and so on, resulting from an organisation’s operations (Bohm 2001, 3). In line with this, it became apparent that environmental issues were, in reality, economic and social problems. Explaining the Proposition The idea of the proposition that ‘global shortages of essential raw materials and energy supply will displace environmental risk as a driver of government policy’ implies that a healthy environment is vital to achieving globalisation’s maximum potential. On the contrary, an unhealthy environment can considerably weaken the possibility of economic progress through globalisation. The idea that increasing strains on, and depleting supplies of, important natural resources, like energy, and raw materials can seriously weaken the mechanisms of economic development is not an unfamiliar one (Najam, Runnalls, Halle 2007, 10). Nevertheless, what is recent is the recognition that the remarkable economic growth the world has been witnessing has made the issue of global shortages of natural resources a serious problem that could eventually become the sole major obstacle to sustained economic growth (Najam et al. 2007, 10). Because of this possible outcome, governments are now trying to prioritise the problem of natural resource depletion over environmental risks. The idea of the proposition is quite straightforward. Primarily, natural resources like wood and oil are the essential raw materials responsible for a great deal of global economic development (Najam et al. 2007, 10). Moreover, there is a fully limited availability of these raw materials. And essentially, the quantity of raw materials being extracted has increased dramatically in the past decades, particularly with the massive economic growth of major developing countries and growing global progress. The world is by now dominated by heightening global rivalry for essential raw materials (Digby 2001). Thus, governments are aggressively taking actions to secure continuous access to these raw materials and control over important natural resources.

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