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Write a revie artile about "GALC enzyme". Focuses on how the enzyme removes the sugar and the mechanism for that...

Write a revie artile about "GALC enzyme". Focuses on how the enzyme removes the sugar and the mechanism for that and discuss why this process is important and what happens when this reaction doesn't happen and how that leads to Krabbe disease. Talk about what would cause the enzyme to not work properly therefore leading to the disease. Talk about mutations and whether that changes the structure or folding of the enzyme which then causes the cerebroside to not be recognized anymore or the proper residue isn't there to interact with galactose.

-Formatting requirements: use EITHER 11pt Arial OR 12pt Calibri OR 12pt Times New Roman font, 1” margin on all sides of the page, double-spaced. Include page numbers.

- Length: 8-10 pages (note maximum and minimum lengths). You can have extra pages for figures and references; however, there is a limit of 5 figures (with no more than 4 panels per figure).

- Your figures should be included at the end of the paper and not embedded in the main text (but you should reference each by figure number in the main text when you want to talk about it). - Make sure that each figure is labeled by figure number and has its own figure legend (i.e. sentences that describe what the figure is showing, what the colors mean, etc). DO NOT just copy the figure legend from the source paper!

- Your review article will be evaluated based on clarity and organization of the research concepts related to the topic you have chosen, as well as scientific content. Criteria for grading: Biochemical content (30 pts) Depth and focus (20 pts) Organization (15 pts) Writing quality and clarity (20 pts) Extras (15 pts, this includes issues relating to your references, figures, formatting, etc)

-Keep in mind a review article is not just a summary of a string of different papers! There is a story you are trying to tell, with subtopics.

- You must write as if you want to publish the review article. This means your article must have a real TITLE and ABSTRACT (which contains a sentence that clearly articulates the scope of your review article) as well as the main content. Keep in mind that you want to discuss concepts in a self-contained manner; you should not expect the reader will look up all your references, and therefore any figures that are particularly important to your topic should be included in your paper (but choose carefully– only 5 figures are permitted). I will provide 4  primary articles, but you can choose and use as many secondary articles as you want. Secondary journal articles (or books or valid on-line sources) are those that you use to clarify an aspect of your primary journal article or to provide background information about your topic. Keep in mind you are writing your own review article, so most of your secondary references should be research articles and NOT review articles. Be careful that you do not just mimic a review article that already exists!

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