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Writing Assignment

Watch the video Mulholland’s Dream on Youtube (About an hour and twenty minutes).

Answer the following questions:

Once finished, submit your answers to turnitin.com. Please ONLY SUBMIT ANSWERS. Do not include the questions in your answers.


1. What three major disasters were caused, at least in part, by Mulholland?

2. What River in California did Los Angeles completely use up first?

3. What major lake did Los Angeles completely use up first?

4. What valley was being bought up once the Owens River was being diverted to LA?

5. What was one of the main reasons Mulholland was pushed to divert the Owens River to LA?

6. What were the conditions like during the construction of the first aqueduct from The Owens Valley to LA?

7. What was Mulholland’s education level?

8. What were Mulholland’s thoughts on Yosemite?

9. In what year did the first reservoir break? What was its name? Describe the losses.

10. In what year did the second reservoir break? What was its name?

11. How far north was the third river LA acquired in 1966?

12. What lake did LA begin pumping from in 1970?

 13. Where did dust storms occur? Why did they occur and was it at all harmful? How?

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